Orlando Brown EXPOSES All The Rappers He Slept With – He Has Videos? (The moment someone tells the truth about everyone’s favorite, suddenly the dru*nkis crazy)

Orlando Brown EXPOSES All The Rappers He Slept With | He Has Videos?

So in case you missed it, Diddy just got hit with another disturbing lawsuit from a male producer, accusing him of all kinds of depraved acts, including what sounds like a forced freak-off with other industry men.

What Happened To Orlando Brown?

Meanwhile, Orlando Brown once again went viral after saying on camera he slept with multiple rappers, including Diddy, Drake, Bow Wow, and a bunch of others.

Here’s the thing, though – Orlando has a bit of a history with substance use and some, let’s say eccentric behavior.

And because of that, people didn’t really take him seriously when he first started speaking out about all these messed up things that are allegedly going on in the music business.

New York Premiere of "Cheetah Girls"

A new video of Orlando Brown has fans scratching their heads. In the clip, he’s explaining the people in the music industry that he “made love” to. This certainly isn’t the first time that somebody has tried to make similar claims about what’s going on behind the scenes in the music industry, very few people seem to believe it. In the new video Brown names Drake, Usher, Busta Rhymes, Bow Wow, and more in the new video.

For fans watching the clip, there’s a variety of reactions. Some think that Brown isn’t in a good headspace and needs somebody to look out for him. “Whoever recorded and posted this ain’t solid. Obviously something is wrong with dude. Let’s pray Orlando gets the help he needs,” one of the top comments on the post reads. Others agree leaving comments like “I thought my boy was getting better. Dang I hate seeing him like this. Smh” and “Posting Un-Medicated Patients Is A Form of Bullying!!!” Check out the video and the concerned fan response to it below.

Orlando Brown’s Surprising Statements

Drake and Usher in particular are eye-catching inclusions as they’re two of the biggest stars in music right now. Drake released his new album For All The Dogs last year and is still riding off of the success of that album and its accompanying EP Scary Hours 3. Usher also just performed at one of the biggest stages in all of music, the Super Bowl Halftime show. He unpacked many of the biggest hits of his entire career alongside some high-profile special guests. The same weekend he took to the big stage he also released Coming Home his first new solo album in 8 years. The project had strong first week sales in the wake of his performance.

What do you think of the new video of Orlando Brown making some wild claims about various celebrities? Do you think the person filming him is being irresponsible? Let us know in the comment section below.

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