Katt Williams Tried To Warn Us About Diddy’s New Lawsuit? Diddy in a shocking 74-page lawsuit!!

Katt Williams Tried To Warn Us About Diddy’s New Lawsuit?

Another score for Katt Wiliams, because he just got proven right about Diddy and the things that Diddy has allegedly been up to, because baby, the things that just came out about Diddy in the lawsuit.

In case y’all missed thee tea, Diddy recently got sued AGAIN by producer, Rodney Smith, who made a bunch of insane allegations against Diddy in a shocking 74-page lawsuit, where he revealed some shocking allegations between Diddy and some other popular artists in the business.

Diddy Dissed By Katt Williams In Wild Shannon Sharpe Interview | HipHopDX

But the thing is, Katt Williams kinda predicted this in his Club Shay Shay interview back in January.

You know, that insane interview that shook the world?

Yeah. Well, Katt had a lto to say about Diddy, and y’all won’t believe how the truth has been right in front of our eyes.

Uhh… did Diddy really confess to having the police in his pocket?



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