(Main formula) Jay Z Exposed As Hollywood Handler – Beyonce Files For Divorce??

Jay Z Exposed As Hollywood Handler | Beyonce Files For Divorce?

Y’all, it looks like things are heating up in the Carter household,

Beyoncé and Jay-Z's first 'Everything Is Love' music video is a powerful subversion of white spaces


because word on the streets is that Beyonce and Jay Z are donezo,

and they are headed for divorce. The streets are saying that things have been tense between them for a hot minute and they have even been separated for a while, but they have chosen to keep it private.

Rapper Jay-Z has revealed why he and Beyonce decided to fight for their marriage after his infidelity | news.com.au — Australia's leading news site

But it looks like Queen Bee might be making some heavy moves to protect herself,

because, word on the streets is that Jay Z is allegedly being

lined up by the Hollywood elites to get exposed like his bestie, Diddy. We’ve already seen that happen when his former Roc Nation artist,

Mia, came out to expose his connection to the Bronfman family,

who have been linked to some shady practices.

It looks like Jay Z might be crashing, and Beyonce is

NOT about to crash with him, so she is dumping him and saving himself. Y’all need to get on this, because the tea is CRAZY!

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