Brandi Harvey EXPOSES Stepmother Marjorie Harvey For DESTROYING Her Family

For some years now, news has been swirling around about the possibility of a breakup in the Harvey family system.

Now, Brandi Harvey, the biological daughter of Steve Harvey, has come out to open up about the complexities of her family’s life. In her candid and heartfelt account, Brandi opined that the cause of their family’s misery is Marjorie, their stepmother.

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So, how true is this assertion? Watch on as we delve deeper into the matter.


As we already know, Marjorie is the third wife of Steve Harvey. But before Marjorie came into the picture, Steve tied the knot with Marcia in 1981 while juggling his job as an insurance salesman in Ohio and pursuing his comedy aspirations.


Life wasn’t always easy for Marcia, as Steve’s comedy commitments kept him busy. After 14 years and two kids, their relationship faced challenges, fueled by rumours of Steve’s infidelity.

Eventually, their marriage ended when Marcia was expecting their third child. Amidst the chaos, they separated. Following the rocky marriage,

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Marcia ventured into publishing, becoming an author with books like “Marcia: Thoughts from My Mind” and “Marcia: Poems from the Heart. Her works seemingly held stories from her time with Steve, revealing a dark side of their relationship.

However, like a good wife, Mary stood by him and helped him escape the trauma. She even left her professional career to be with him as his career took a massive leap.

However, after some years, their marriage hit the rocks. They started having some complications, which later led to a divorce in 2005. They had a son, Wynton, together.

Nevertheless, she said she stayed with Steve even after knowing this because she wanted the family she had worked for and created and wanted a good home for her kids.

But despite this, their divorce ensued. Steve evicted her from their house, gained custody of their son, and moved on with Marjorie. Mary wanted some closure but instead found herself in a challenging legal dispute.

However, as time went on, some of Mary’s initial allegations didn’t stand up in court. Eventually, she received three homes, a substantial $1.5 million, and monthly payments of forty thousand dollars for several months as alimony.

Brandi Harvey stepped forward to confront her father, Steve Harvey, emotionally addressing the neglect they experienced as his biological children.

She spoke about the pain and suffering they endured over the years due to his actions. Her story is deeply troubling, raising questions about Steve’s hidden secrets and public image. While speaking to people, Steve shared that Brandi confronted him about the injustices, but now the twins have matured and forgiven him over the years.

However, while being absent in the lives of his biological children, Steve has been and is still a father figure in the lives of Marjorie’s three children, which he adopted during their marriage, especially her daughter, Lori.

Steve Harvey’s attention seems to be focused on Lori, leaving the other siblings competing for the crumbs, according to a source.

While Steve’s partiality towards Lori poses an issue, there are other complex factors causing tension in the family. One such claim is that Marjorie has the final say in every matter in the family.

While Steve’s action in adopting Marjorie’s children and treating them well is commendable, the real challenge lies in his unequal treatment between his own kids and Marjorie’s, with rumors suggesting Marjorie plays a role in that.

Steve’s other biological son, Wynton, had a tougher experience. As mentioned earlier, Wynton is the son of Mary, the second wife of Steve. After their messy divorce, Mary initially had custody while Steve had visitation rights,

but Mary began to express concerns about how Wynton was treated during his visits with Steve. She alleged that Steve engaged in physical altercations with Wynton, including one incident where he punched Wynton so hard in the chest that he lost his breath.

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At another time, Mary claimed that Wynton came home severely bruised after Steve disciplined him for schoolwork, affecting his ability to urinate for days.

Steve’s relationship with his twins, Karli and Brandi, wasn’t good either. He was distant and inactive in their lives after divorcing their mom when they were young.

In contrast, Steve was highly involved with Marjorie’s kids, particularly Lori. He went on frequent father-daughter dates, discussing topics like dating and boys stuff. Something he never did with his own daughters.

So, what is your take on this? Do you think the perception of Steve’s biological children is right about Marjorie turning their father against them?

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