Boxing’s big debate: At 18, who would win – Jake Paul or Mike Tyson?

Iron Mike Tyson was one of the most feared fighters in the world

Boxing's big debate: At 18, who would win - Jake Paul or Mike Tyson?

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson will step into the ring on July 20 at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, to do battle in a highly controversial fight, notably due to the age disparity between the pair.

Paul is 27 and Tyson is 57 so it seems like an uneven match-up, but who would win if they were both 18?

The question has been prompted two images of them at the age when boys legally become men (Paul was stated to be 19), but they have polar opposite physiques and goals.

Tyson looks like nothing but pure muscle was he was training for his boxing debut, which came later that year as he knocked out Hector Mercedes in 1985.

May be an image of 2 people, people bodybuilding and text that says '18year 18 year 19 19year year'

Paul, on the other hand, was deep into his social media career in 2015 and didn’t show much interest in professional boxing as a career.

It wouldn’t be until August 2018 when he would fight Deji Olatunji, a YouTuber, on the undercard of KSI vs Logan Paul.

The question, posted to Sugar Ray Robinson‘s Instagram account (although the legendary fighter has been dead since 1989) said, “In what second would Jake Paul be knocked out if he faced Mike Tyson at the age of 18.”

Fans react to the debate

For context of how long ago that was for Paul, he wasn’t even a big name on YouTube in 2015.

He was on the now-defunct Vine app where he had become popular.

Vine was a short form video website allowing for a variety of “memes” to be posted by users, it’s most similar to modern day TikTok.

So it really isn’t a fair comparison and the fight between them at the age of 18 would have lasted as long as Tyson wanted it to.

Given the WBC champion’s reputation back then, it probably wouldn’t have gone the distance either.

When Mike Tyson won 15 fights in his first year as a professional boxer | Boxing | The Guardian

Loads of fans weighed in to give their thoughts on the post that attracted over 31000 likes and 700 comments after tagging a lot of iconic, popular or legendary boxers such as Muhammad AliCanelo Alvarez and Floyd Mayweather.


Whilst another added, “13yr old Mike can knock out 19yr old Jake.”

However, some people were sympathetic to Paul and conceded that he wasn’t ever training to compete in a boxing event then so obviously he wouldn’t be capable of beating Iron Mike Tyson.


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