Blue Ivy has Just DESTROYED Jay Z by leaking the father’s clip with P Diddy in the hotel right now

JAY-Z fans have joked that they would rather take $500,000 than dinner with the rap legend after DDG revealed advice given to him by the Roc Nation mogul.

The Michigan rapper was speaking to Hollywood Unlocked when he divulged what JAY-Z said to him when they met at a recent party.
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“I’ve only talked to him a few times. It ain’t like I text him and call him and shit like that, but we’ve had conversations. When I do see him, I try to ask him for a little bit of game, a little bit of advice,” he said.

“I asked him at the birthday party, I was like, ‘What advice could you give me as an artist?’ And he gave me like an analogy, he was like, ‘If people go to a Chinese restaurant, they expect Chinese food. So give the people what they came for.’”

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Many fans joked about the quality of advice that DDG received from Hov, with many referencing the “dinner with JAY-Z or $500K?” viral online debate.

One commented: “He coulda literally gotten that from a fortune cookie AT the Chinese store.”

Another said: “He told you some cat in the hat shit! And you take it and ran with it!?” while someone else joked: “I coulda told him ‘give the people what they want’ for 500k.”

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