A$AP Rocky vs Chris Brown – Who is truly the elite?

Besides being the ex-boyfriend and current partner of singer Rihanna, Asap Rocky and Chris Brown are two rappers who have made huge fortunes during their careers.

But have you ever wondered which of these singers leads the most luxurious life?

In this video, you’re going to see a fierce battle between Asap Rocky and Chris Brown.

So let’s fight luxury shopping.

Both rappers have more than enough money to buy anything they want, but who spends the most money?

Chris Brown, for example, is absurdly fond of buying sneakers.

He has a huge closet surrounded by Florida ceiling shelves with countless pairs.




This aircraft is worth around 38 million and if Chris Brown rents this aircraft, he pays around $110,000 per flight.

Meanwhile, Asap Rocky often Charters private aircraft such as a Daa Falcon 7x that he used while leaving Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, considered one of the most technological jets in the world.

The aircraft can carry up to 16 passengers and to Charter this machine, you have to spend $1,400 an hour.

When it comes to vacations, the singer doesn’t shy away from enjoying himself aboard large vessels such as the Lagoon 620, a catamaran he rented with at the end of 2020 to travel around Barbados. known as the cat and the fiddle, the sailing vessel is 62 ft long and travels at a maximum speed of 10 knots.

Inside, the catamaran is full of luxury accommodation with a formal dining area and three cabins for up to six passengers heading outside.

There are great places to spend time, whether dining or enjoying the incredible views of the ocean.

During the trip, Rihanna and mayor seem to have had a great time aboard the Catar ran with friends and to enjoy this Sailing Boat, the couple may have shelled out up to $33,000 for a single week.


Since we don’t know if Chris Brown actually has an airplane points for both of Them- cars, both artists invest a lot of money in beautiful vehicles for their garages, but who has the most expensive cars?

Chris Brown, for example, owns a risani tank, a military style Suv built with safety in mind.

A surprising feature of this car is its thermalite vision, and to acquire this robust automobile one must Fork out around $155,000- another car that belongs to Chris Brown is the Rvan Beast, a vehicle that was born on the track and designed for the roads, which has 500 horsepower and is all coated in carbon fiber, and the base value of this machine is $160,000.

He also has a Porsche 911 Turbo, a very coveted car that reaches a top speed of 199- 28 mph and accelerates from 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds, and to own such a sports car one has to invest about $230,000, raising the bar even higher.

The rapper has a Lamborghini Huracan that has been customized by the Company Rdb.

The transformation was amazing, with the car being covered with a print of pyramids that reflect different colors depending on the position of the vehicle.

It is impossible not to notice this emblematic sports car driving through the streets of Los Angeles, and not to mention the amount paid for the customization.

To acquire such a machine you need to invest around $300,000.

Another car owned by Chris Brown that has undergone new finishes from this same company is his Lamborghini Aventador, extra large, a 750 horsepower vehicle.

The colors chosen for this gradient were Lilac and blue, giving a youthful look to the Bodywork and wheels, and to buy this model of car, not counting the customization, it is necessary to pay something around 500 $1,000.

The singer has also been caught on the streets by Paparazzi driving a Bugatti Veyron, one of the most expensive and desired supercars in the world.

A$AP Rocky 似乎也認為Travis Scott 偷走他的「整體風格」 | Hypebeast

Ferrari 488 Gtb for $266,000 and even a customized Mercedes-Benz 190 F Amg for $297,000.

Together with his girlfriend, Rihanna, the rapper has already been photographed with some models of the Rolls-Royce Colan they have in their garage.

This is a super luxurious SUV from the famous Rolls-Royce luxury car brand, whose interior is very sophisticated, offering plenty of space for the comfort of its passengers.

And to enjoy all this luxury, it is estimated that a vehicle like this can cost an average of $330,000.


But who owns the most impressive property?

Meyer’s main residence, for example is in the Beverly Grove area near the city of West Hollywood in California.

It’s a modern style house built in 2014 with more than 4,300 ft of interior space.

The property offers rooms with wide open spaces for Maximum Comfort, featuring a living room with a fireplace and recessed ceiling lighting, which integrates a formal dining area for six next to large Windows overlooking the garden.

The Italian Kitchen, on the other hand, is very Charming.

It has a chef’s Island cabinets in soft, neutral colors and top quality appliances for preparing meals.

As for the number of bedrooms, there are five with private balconies, including a master suite with elegant minimalist decor and a beautiful walk-in closet moving outside.

The residence is situated on a 6,500 ft plot where there is a 300t covered patio with a fireplace and seating area, as well as a Leisure area with a zeroedge pool and integrated Spa, ideal for when the rapper wants to have fun with his children.

Although the place is Charming, in 2017, Asap Rocky faced problems when his house was robbed, with losses estimated at $1.5 million, so he reinforced the security of the property, although it’s not known whether ASAP Rocky has been spending time there with his children.

Rihanna was spotted leaving the property in mid 2021.

According to some sources, the rapper bought this property in 2015 for just over $3 million, but the place currently has an estimated value of $4 million.

Chris Brown currently lives in tzama, a district of Los Angeles, California Usa.

The property has more than 0.75 acres of land and 8,300 ft of living space and consists of six bedrooms with Florida ceiling glass windows that make up great natural landscaping and an impressive eight bathrooms, including the toilet.

Everywhere you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city in the mountains, as could not be otherwise.

Chris Brown has drawn graffiti on the external and internal walls of the residence since he is passionate about this kind of art.

The paintings reveal his feelings and personality, making him feel truly at home to have fun on his days off.

The singer has a game room with an arcade, as well as a home theater room with armchairs for 14 people.

In the external area there is also a basketball court that also serves as a backdrop for his clips and a space for parties to receive his friends to enjoy the sunny days.

Chris Brown can have fun in a saltwater pool with a spa tub.

In this area there are also two fireplaces to keep warm on colder days.

Currently, some sources estimate that Chris Brown’s house should be worth around $4.6 million, and for having the most valuable property, Chris Brown wins this round point for him business.

As well as being two great singers , they also have other sources of income.

But who stands out more in business?

After signing his first record deal, for example, Meyers founded his own record label known as

On Instagram, for example, the singer has more than 18 million followers, where he partners with famous Brands such as beta, Vanetta, Gucci and Puma sportsware, of which he is also the creative director.

Meanwhile, Chris Brown has already told in interviews that he owns 14 units of the Burger King fast food franchise, which guarantees him a good Financial return.

Taking into consideration that the average annual profit of such a franchise in the United United States is $175,000, the artist can receive an estimated $2.4 million per year from all his franchises.

For someone as wealthy as Chris Brown, This income may be considered quite small, but it already guarantees him some extra money.

In addition, the artist launched his own branded clothing line called Black Pyramid in 2012, which is still producing and selling stylish and Youthful looks today.

Chris Brown has also partnered with retailer soflow snacks launch in his own limited edition breakfast cereal called Breezy’s Cosmic crunch, which will be sold with award codes.

A great way for the singer to promote his products and Brands is on social media, such as Instagram, where he has over 138 million followers, and because it’s difficult to determine the total turnover of their sources of income points for both net worth.


There’s no doubt that both singers have made a lot of money over the course of their careers, but who has a as the biggest net worth?

Asap Rocky, for example, has music as his main source of income.

To give you an idea, after his first hit singles in 2011, he signed a major deal with Sony, Rca records and Polo Grounds music worth $3 million, and although it’s not known how much he made, it certainly wasn’t small money, given that his first two albums debuted at number one on the billboard 200.

Asap Rocky also makes a lot of money from his concerts in, as well as from the airplay of his songs on online platforms.

On Spotify, for example, the rapper has more than 29 million monthly listeners, while on Youtube he has more than 5 million subscribers and, adding up all his videos, the rapper has had more than 3.3 billion views on his channel, which probably generates great earnings for him, and if we also consider the singer’s other sources of income, his fortune increases a lot.

To give you an idea, it is speculated that he has already earned around $4 million from advertising deals alone, and, although nobody knows exactly what Asap Rocky’s Fortune is, some sources estimate that the rapper currently has a net worth of over $20 million.

Christopher, on the other hand, has been making money for music since he was 16 years old, and his biggest source of income is from his concerts and tours that bring together real crowds.

Some sources claim that he receives for each performance a fee ranging from $300,000 to $500- $1,000, depending on the date, occasion and the size of the audience.

In addition to this, the star also gives performances, commonly called residencies, which consist of several more intimate performances at a specific location, which, in Chris Brown’s case, takes place at a nightclub in Las Vegas.

Not to mention the money he rakes in from playing his music and music videos on the internet, such as on streaming platforms like tile, Spotify, Apple music and dieser, and on his Youtube channel, which has more than 24 million subscribers and almost 15 billion total views.

And even though some sources point out that Chris Brown’s net worth is $60 million, with the standard of living He leads and his varied sources of income, his fortune is probably higher and because Chris Brown has a bigger Fortune, he wins this last round point for him.

At the end of this fight we had four points for Asap Rocky against five points for Chris Brown, making him the winner of this battle.

But if you think there are still other arguments to defend one of the two, write your best justification below.

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