The hated for Angel Reese is running high and it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon

LSU basketball star Angel Reese has announced that she is leaving school for the WNBA after a college career full of records and rivalry.


A graphic of Angel Reese getting emotional during her post game press conference after losing to Iowa in the March Madness tournament.

In April of 2023 the LSU women’s basketball team defeated Iowa in the NCAA national championship game.

Instead of people remembering the victory from LSU the biggest headline that came of out of that day was LSU basketball player Angel Reese taunting Caitlin Clark.

Since that day social media has created this surge of hate towards Reese and it doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon.

When Reese decided to taunt Clark some people viewed it as competition, something you see in basketball all the time, trash talking is part of the game whether you like it or not.

But there was millions around the world who now absolutely despise Reese for simply taunting Clark during the game.

Over the year the hate has continued, and Reese even opened up about it in her most recent post game press conference after LSU lost to Iowa in the Elite 8 matchup on April 1.

“I’ve been through so much, I’ve seen so much. I’ve been attacked so many times, I’m still a human. All this has happened since I won the national championship, and I haven’t been happy since and it sucks,” Reese said. It was even getting to the point where she says she received death threats, racist comments, and has been sexualized over the year.

And the media did not take this lightly at all, the comment section of this post is full of comments like, “now she wanna play the victim”, when in reality she has been the whole time.

People fail to understand she has been attacked by social media for a whole year, for what simply taunting a player?

Yes she talks on the court, yes she has confidence in herself but what’s the problem with that?

No matter what anyone says nobody should ever receive death threats or anything in that nature for doing something as simple as taunting on the court, it’s disgusting and completely uncalled for.

Social media despises any athlete who shows just a little bit of confidence in themselves because they would much rather root for the quiet person who doesn’t say anything and just hoops.

When in reality there is absolutely nothing wrong with talking on the court because once again its part of the game!

Over the past couple days again the biggest headline should be Iowa advancing to the Final Four in the March Madness tournament but no.

Since April 1st the biggest talk around social media has been a hate train towards Angel Reese because LSU lost.

It’s sad because it feels like people were waiting for this day to happen, literal human beings more specifically grown ass men praying on a young women’s down fall simply so they could talk down about her on social media.

To sum this up a tweet from an account named, ‘Stan Ferret’ says, “she won a national championship, got a degree, and secured her chose profession. Let the miserable be miserable, Angel Reese has WON.”

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