“Stephen Curry Influence Thing”: 3x 6th Man Claims Michael Jordan Isn’t the Most Influential Player of All-Time

"Stephen Curry Influence Thing": 3x 6th Man Claims Michael Jordan Isn't the Most Influential Player of All-Time

LeBron James’ comments from the Mind The Game podcast regarding Stephen Curry and Allen Iverson being the most influential players ever are the hottest topic in the basketball world at the moment.

On the latest episode of FanDuel’s Run It Back, Lou Williams and Chandler Parsons also had an in-depth debate about the same.

While the latter, disagreed with Bron, the three-time Sixth Man of the Year explained why the Los Angeles Lakers superstar wasn’t incorrect.

Chandler Parsons kickstarted the conversation by highlighting the impact that Stephen Curry and Allen Iverson had on the sport.

While Parson shed light on Curry’s three-point shooting, the former NBA player believed AI was different since he was a cultural icon.

“I think Steph Curry changed the game of basketball. I think every kid in the world wants to shoot from halfcourt and wants to become a 3-point shooter because of Steph Curry.

Allen Iverson changed the game from the dress code, how he dressed, the durag, cornrows, his style, the baggy clothes – yes, that way,” Parsons said.

While Chandler did admit that the two players were of massive significance in NBA history, he resolutely dubbed Michael Jordan the most influential player.

Apart from reasoning that MJ found immense success on the court, he also spoke about the Jordan Brand being one of the biggest companies in the world.

“The most influential guy in the NBA is probably Michael Jordan… Arguably the best player of all time…

I think when people think basketball, when they think NBA, they think influential – they think Michael Jordan.

Everyone thinks he’s the GOAT… no one thinks Steph Curry or Allen Iverson as the GOAT,” Parsons concluded.

Despite Parsons’s words, Lou Williams shared the same opinion as LeBron James.

After agreeing that kids wanted to be like Mike in the 1990s, Williams went on to speak about the impact Curry has had on today’s kids.

Further, the 37-year-old also revealed how players in the current era wore jewelry, cornrows, and tattoos due to Iverson.

“Did kids wanna be like Mike in the 90s?

They absolutely did. But kids that were born in the 2000s, they have an idea of who Michael Jordan was because of their parents…

When it comes to influence, these kids – I’m in these AAU gyms every weekend – all of them are shooting from halfcourt, all of them are shooting 3-pointers, turning around before the shoot is up… this is a Steph Curry influence thing.

Everybody in the NBA has tattoos, cornrows, the whole thing, jewelry. All of that comes from Allen Iverson,” Lou Williams explained.

Lou Williams’ point is spot on. For his time in the NBA, Michael Jordan was responsible for popularizing the league, not only in the States but worldwide too.

However, with the passage of time also come younger generations, and here Stephen Curry and Allen Iverson reign supreme.

So, while it is difficult to diminish the influence MJ had on the game, it can be agreed that Iverson and Curry have had at least a similar level of effect.

LeBron James spoke about the influence of Stephen Curry and Michael Jordan


Similar to Lou Williams, LeBron James believed that Stephen Curry and Allen Iverson were influential due to their shooting and style, respectively.

Apart from stating that the two guards below 6ft 3” were more relatable to kids of today’s generation, the King ranked AI and Curry over Michael Jordan as the “two biggest influential guys” in the game.

“One, they’re 6’3… they were just so relatable, and kids felt like they could be them, they were guys that were not always counted on, they were small in stature, and they just defied the odds.

“So, you got AI who’s like, unbelievable crossover, cornrows, arm sleeves, everyone wears arm sleeves now because of Allen Iverson, and he’s going into the trenches, laying it up over bigs, whatever the case may be. And now you have Steph, who’s shooting over the Empire State Building,” James told Redick.

James isn’t inaccurate. In terms of reliability, trying to emulate Iverson and Curry is a more realistic aim as compared to emulating Michael Jordan.

While the level of skill and talent required to do what Curry and Iverson have done is magnanimous, fans may see it and think that they could try a similar move too.

And slowly, it is because of that aspect that they may get more drawn to these personalities, rather than the likes of Michael Jordan, or even LeBron James.

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