Stephen Curry Bests Luka Dončić in Epic Pregame Half-Court Shooting Contest

Stephen Curry and Luka Dončić are two of the best trick-shot artists in the NBA.

Luka Dončić and Stephen Curry warm up before a game.

Stephen Curry and Luka Dončić faced off in a critical game on Tuesday night with huge ramifications in the Western Conference playoff picture.

But before the dramatic action tipped off on the court between the Golden State Warriors and Dallas Mavericks, the two superstars faced off in a friendly competition from the half-court line. Cameras caught Curry and Dončić trading half-court shots with smiles on their faces as the two warmed up towards their respective baskets. After a miss from each player, Curry appeared to put the contest to an end with a swish.

Despite the made basket, it looked as though Dončić attempted to comically protest the shot, pointing to a spot on the floor as if to imply that Curry had his toe across the line.

With the playful contest settled, the real battle on the court could finally begin.

Curry and Dončić Both Have Experience Putting on a Show Before Games

Both stars have some wild trick shots in their arsenals

Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors

In addition to being great athletes, Curry and Dončić are two of the best showmen in the NBA today, and that is true of their performance both in games and before them. Both players have made a habit of delighting fans with impressive pregame displays of shooting ability.

On Sunday, before a game against the Houston Rockets, Dončić stole the show by nailing a shot off the scoreboard at the Toyota Center. Even on the road, fans were left in awe.

Curry is no trick-shot slouch either, having stunned the home crowd at the Chase Center earlier this year with a mind-blowing more-than-full-court shot from the tunnel.

While it was quite a battle between Curry and Dončić on Tuesday night, Curry got the better of his rival this time around.

Warriors and Mavericks in the Midst of a Wild Battle for Playoff Position

Once the half-court contest was decided, Curry and Dončić had everything to play for on the court

Luka Doncic

Curry and Dončić had plenty of fun before tipoff on Tuesday night, but given how tight the race for the postseason is in the West, there was no time for joking once the game began.

Curry and the Warriors currently sit in tenth place in the Western Conference, holding the final spot of the play-in tournament. Golden State has missed the postseason just twice since 2012, and barring a massive shake-up in the final stretch of the season, will need to win their way through the play-in tournament to get there this year.

Meanwhile, Dončić and the Mavericks hold the fifth place spot in the West, just 1.5 games above the danger zone of the play-in tournament. With just a handful of games remaining in the season, every basket counts. Maybe even the pregame ones.

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