Steph Curry’s viral gesture towards a fan: “I know you’re married, but…

Out with injury this Thursday against the Bulls, Steph Curry remained on a big performance against Milwaukee, 24 hours earlier. A photo from this match showing him in front of a spectator has also made the rounds on the networks… and perhaps a little too much for his taste.

The days go by and are definitely not the same for the Warriors.

Beaten to everyone’s surprise by Chicago this Thursday (122-125), Stephen Curry ‘s teammates were nevertheless coming out of a correction inflicted on the Bucks (125-90).

The star leader then compiled 29 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists, and even had a new celebration worthy of the golf enthusiast that he is:

As he is now accustomed to, Curry saw this photo of him distributed massively on the web.

Not only for his gesture… but also for the spectator celebrating his exploits on the right of the image.

It is even the latter which caused the most reactions on social networks, almost stealing the spotlight from her idol.

When it came time to share it, the Chef chose an angle… which concealed it:

Hidden behind Steph in the first photo of this publication, the young woman did not have the honor of appearing on her account.

However, according to many Internet users, this choice would not be insignificant on the part of the double MVP.

Many believe that he did it out of respect for his wife, Ayesha, even if it meant disappointing some of his fans:

I know you’re married so you probably didn’t want to post this woman’s chest, but the other angle was better. Just saying.

Katherine Taylor said she was the mystery woman in the background

Simple coincidence, or diplomatic decision so as not to cause a couple argument? Regardless, Stephen Curry did not relay the viral photo where a Warriors supporter lets her joy explode. Which obviously frustrates some people.

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