Steph Curry Reveals Reason For Controversial Warriors Decision

Steph Curry surprisingly played in a back-to-back.

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Steph Curry injured his knee on Friday night against the Toronto Raptors, but it didn’t stop him from playing against the Boston Celtics on Sunday. It was a decision that some thought the Warriors shouldn’t have made, but Curry believes it was the right one.

After the Warriors were absolutely destroyed by the Boston Celtics on Sunday, Steph Curry opened up about the decision to have him play in the back-to-back. He specifically mentioned that there were no doubts about having him play, despite getting his knee banged up against the Raptors.

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“No,” Curry said. “We just wanted to make sure it didn’t swell up any more than it already did. I woke up this morning [and] it was in a good spot when I tried to test it to see if I could not feel any pain when I was out there and that’s how it went.┬áSo it was a good decision to play just based on how it felt.”

Even though Steph Curry decided to play through injury on Sunday against the Celtics, it didn’t really amount to much for the Warriors. It was a game where the Warriors lost by 52 points and Steph Curry only played for 16 minutes. Despite that, Curry still warmed up as if he was playing in a regular game for over 16 minutes.

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“It still feels like a game because you have to do your preparation stuff,” Curry said. “Even in the 16 to 17 minutes I played, it was physical. You’re trying to find any type of life out there, but we do have two days off before another back-to-back, so got to take advantage of that rest.”

The Golden State Warriors have a legitimate chance to make it out of the play-in tournament. However, it doesn’t get much easier for them as they have the Milwaukee Bucks to worry about next.

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