SMACK DOWN Eagle-eyed NBA fans spot ‘flagrant’ foul on LeBron James during live TV broadcast but some say ‘Jordan would never’

THERE was a dramatic hit to the head of LeBron James in the NBA on Monday, but you had to be eagle-eyed to see it.

Superstar LeBron took a blow to the head from Lu Dort during the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Oklahoma Thunder.

Fans spotted what appeared to be a "flagrant" foul on LeBron

Fans spotted what appeared to be a “flagrant” foul on LeBronCredit: TNT

James in action against the Thunder in Los Angeles on Monday

James in action against the Thunder in Los Angeles on MondayCredit: Alamy
“He just smacks him on the top of the head,” was the line from the commentary booth as they showed replays.

The foul on LeBron was called, but Lakers head coach Darvin Ham believes it should have been a flagrant foul.

For a few moments after the incident, Lakers great LeBron was in clear pain and grabbing his head.

And one fan clearly stated, “That was flagrant. Lu Dort wasn’t anywhere near the ball.”

Others preferred to take the comedy out of the moment.

One said, “Lu Dort acting like he saw a bug on LeBron’s head.”

Another commented, “Lu Dort gave no respect to LeBron’s hairline.

And one fan simply said, “Jordan would never…

The debate will go on between NBA fans over the standing in basketball history of the legendary Michael Jordan – considered by many to be the greatest ever – and Lakers icon James.

The Lakers picked up an important 116-104 victory in Monday’s game.

They now have a 34-29 record this season and are ninth in the Western Conference.

The Lakers are aiming for a top six place and Ham said, “We understand time is of the essence.

“And we’ve got to get busy in order to do what we’re trying to do.”

James scored just 19 points in the game, but also had 11 rebounds and eight assists.

The Lakers next play the Sacramento Kings, who are currently seventh in the Western Conference, on Wednesday.

“That’s a very important game,” Lakers star Anthony Davis said.

“We play them twice within the next week or so. This is gonna be a big game and then the one next week is gonna be a big game.

“We gotta come in and take care of business.”


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