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It has now been 7 games that the Warriors have had to play without Draymond Green, the latter being suspended until further notice following his punch on Jusuf Nurkic. His return is still awaited by Dub Nation, and the NBA has provided some information on this subject.

Draymond Green fou de rage chez les Warriors

While the Warriors were in the midst of a crisis, despite a good start to the season, the end of the tunnel never seemed so far away for the 2022 champions, who are currently deprived of one of their superstars in the person of Draymond Green. Earlier in the year, after his strangulation on Rudy Gobert in the middle of a match against the Wolves, the 2017 DPOY had already been suspended for 5 matches.

The latest on Draymond Green's path back from indefinite suspension

Despite this, the latter never apologized for his actions, far from it. He went so far as to defend himself under the pretext of so-called solidarity with Klay Thompson, who was at the origin of the friction between the two camps. As a result, media criticism naturally ensued towards the interior star, just as transfer rumors about him began to circulate.

Draymond Green soon back on the field?

Draymond Green has a very electric personality, but his actions continue to surprise. Because after his attack on the French titan, it was the turn of the Bosnian giant Jusuf Nurkic to be the victim of a blow from the quadruple champion. From then on, the latter was indefinitely excluded from all competition by the league, but news was provided regarding this situation by Adrian Wojnarowski.

Draymond Green will miss between 11 and 13 games according to general opinion in the NBA. However, the ban may be extended if Green does not meet the league’s requirements for his return.

It’s been 7 games since the All-Star last set foot on the NBA floors, but according to the famous American journalist from ESPN, it is very possible that he will make his return by the beginning of January.

Draymond Green nhận án phạt nặng hiếm thấy từ NBA sau khi đánh vào mặt đối phương

With a perfectly balanced record (15-15) after their defeat this Monday against the Nuggets for Christmas Day, the Warriors are currently ranked in 10th place in the West. But given the objectives set before the start of the season, the team would like to bounce back with a string of victories. And for that, they will need a comeback from the 33-year-old with a completely different mentality, as Steve Kerr recalled.

The one who choked Rudy Gobert, the one who threw himself at Jusuf, the one who hit Jordan Poole last year, he’s the one who needs to change. It’s not just about spillover on the ground. It’s about his life. This is someone I believe in, who I have known for a decade and whom I love for his loyalty.

Until now suspended indefinitely, Draymond Green was awaiting a decision from the league to join his Warriors teammates. According to information from Adrian Wojnarowski, the Dubs superstar could make his return in 4 to 6 games.

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