NBA – In trouble, the huge trade suggested to the Warriors: “Who would say no to that?

NBA – In trouble, the huge trade suggested to the Warriors: “Who would say no to that?

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Events are far from going as planned for the Warriors, who are currently in the midst of a crisis.

Due to their negative results after almost a quarter of the season, the leaders could already be thinking about making a big transfer to shake up everything.

A famous journalist also made an XXL suggestion on this subject.

The season started well for the Warriors who had 6 wins in 8 games.

However, this pace was not maintained and the weaknesses of the squad have now been exposed.

But it is also important to emphasize that the injury absence of Stephen Curry during certain matches and the suspension of Draymond Green did not help to improve the course of things.

Regarding individual performances, the Chef has responded well since the start of the year, but this is not necessarily the case for all his teammates.

Indeed, Klay Thompson has a string of disappointing performances like other starters.

The team’s lack of efficiency in the paint was also often pointed out by experts. In order to remedy this situation, the Californian management could strike on the transfer market.

Pascal Siakam, the perfect target for warriors?

Several files of Dub Nation players constitute a headache for the managers.

We are thinking in particular of that of Thompson who is perhaps on his way out.

However, the latter does not seem to be available on the market at the moment.

On the other hand, other important elements of the squad could leave in order to attract a new star to the ranks of the 2022 champions according to US journalist, Bill Simmons.

Andrew Wiggins and Jonathan Kuminga for Pascal Siakam. Who would say no to that? Wiggins is having a horrible season. Really, since last year when he disappeared for six or eight weeks, we still don’t know what happened. This year he is not in good shape and he was bad for a whole month, which really hurt the Warriors team. He stopped getting rebounds. He finally had a good match this week. Plus, he’s Canadian.

Kuminga is his third year. We should know from the third year if you are going to become someone. But I think he clearly needs a new team. And then Siakam, if you’re the Warriors, take a look at him. It gives you a little more size, it changes your team a little, it takes you out of the situation with Wiggins. A good two for one. If Toronto shakes up a bit, they get a good asset with Kuminga and maybe they can bring Wiggins back to life.

If it were up to Bill Simmons, Andrew Wiggins and Jonathan Kuminga would no longer be in San Fransico to the extent that it would allow Pascal Siakam to be part of Steve Kerr’s men. It is a possibility which nevertheless gives food for thought given the good performances of the Congolese unlike his Canadian counterpart who, moreover, could enjoy Toronto more.

Should the Warriors part ways with Andrew Wiggins and Jonathan Kuminga? The answer is yes for Bill Simmons if it can attract Pascal Siakam to California, who would be a better option for Golden State than these two players according to the journalist. Nothing ventured, nothing gained…


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