NBA – In their misfortunes, Big jackpot to come for the Warriors… Thanks To Draymond!!!

NBA – In their misfortunes, Big jackpot to come for the Warriors… Thanks To Draymond!!!

La star NBA des Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green

Deprived of Draymond Green until further notice, the Warriors will have to do without him to get out of the crisis they are going through.

Failing to help them sportingly, the star interior could do them a great service on an accounting level during his absence.

With four relatively affordable games out of the next five in their schedule, they can hope to get back on track.

The Warriors actually don’t have many other choices, they are in 11th place in the Western Conference (10-14) and are already lagging behind in the qualifying places for the postseason. Unfortunately, they will not be able to count on all their strength.

Aside from Gary Payton II’s injury withdrawal, Steve Kerr will be able to deplore the absence of Draymond Green, suspended for an indefinite period by the NBA.

Golden State Warriors' Draymond Green suspended indefinitely for striking Jusuf Nurkic |

His recent breakdown towards Jusuf Nurkic led the league to sideline him indefinitely in order to cause an electric shock to him.

It remains to be seen whether this will have the same effect within the team, whose leaders can put things into perspective.

Draymond Green’s suspension, a blessing for the Warriors?

By offering Green a new contract last summer until 2027, Golden State put itself a little further into the red financially.

The franchise’s workforce is thus among the most expensive in the NBA despite its disappointing results.

As a result, the punishment inflicted on the big man could turn out to be a silver lining for the Dubs’ owners, as ESPN financial expert Bobby Marks recently revealed:

Here are the economic repercussions of Draymond Green’s suspension:

– $153,941 per match if it lasts less than 20 matches
– $202,922 per match if it lasts more than 20 matches

At a minimum, Golden State will save $519,555 in taxes for each game in which Green is suspended.

Depending on the time taken by Dray to return to the courts, his superiors could therefore keep in their pocket… around ten million dollars according to Marks.

Warriors' Draymond Green enters counseling after suspension, will miss at least three more weeks, per report -

A necessarily non-negligible amount and which deserves to be highlighted.

Not sure, however, that the coaching staff and internal teammates will be happy with this data, they who seek above all to find the path to success on the field.

If the sporting contribution of Draymond Green should be missed by the Warriors in the days and weeks to come, the sums saved via his suspension should not do any harm to the franchise’s accounts. A lesser consolation prize.

Draymond Green to reportedly miss at least three weeks as part of his indefinite suspension


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