Kim Mulkey will not pressure Angel Reese to follow in Caitilin Clark’s footsteps

Clark declared for 2024 WNBA Draft

Kim Mulkey will not pressure Angel Reese to follow in Caitilin Clark's footsteps

As LSU readies itself for another exciting March Madness journey, the futures of standout players Angel Reese and Hailey Van Lith hang in the balance. Having completed four seasons of college basketball, both athletes are eligible for the upcoming WNBA draft. However, owing to the pandemic-induced disruptions during their freshman year, they have the option to return for a fifth season at LSU.

Head Coach Kim Mulkey has opted for a supportive stance, allowing Reese and Van Lith to chart their paths. Mulkey underscored the importance of respecting the players’ initial commitments upon joining LSU.

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Angel Reese fights through huge crowd to storm the court at LSU

Reese expressed a two-year commitment, while Van Lith indicated a one-year stay. While the COVID-19 eligibility rule affords them the chance to return, Mulkey refrains from applying pressure or influence, prioritizing their autonomy in making these decisions.

“I’m not the type of coach to sit people down and tell them which agents to pick or talk them out of what they want to do,” Mulkey noted.

“They know they have the COVID year to come back and they would be more than welcome, but I try to stay away from having any kind of influential conversation, particularly with Hailey and Angel because they made it perfectly clear when they came what they wanted to do.”

The decisions regarding Reese and Van Lith‘s future at LSU for the 2024/25 season solely rest with the players, unencumbered by external persuasion.

Clark declares for 2024 WNBA Draft

Meanwhile, Iowa star Caitlin Clark declared that this season will be her last in college basketball as she intends to enter the 2024 WNBA Draft. Clark, who recently surpassed Lynette Woodard to become the highest-scoring player in Division I women’s basketball history, is expected to be the top pick in the draft.

“While this season is far from over and we have a lot more goals to achieve, it will be my last one at Iowa. I am excited to be entering the 2024 WNBA Draft,” she said.

“It is impossible to fully express. my gratitude to everyone who has supported me during my time at Iowa — my teammates, who made the last four years the best; my coaches, trainers and staff who always let me be me; Hawkeye fans who filled Carver every night; and everyone who came out to support us across the country, especially the young kids.

“Most importantly, none of this would have been possible without my family and friends who have been by my side through it all. Because of all of you, my dreams came true.”

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