Devastating Injury: Stephen Curry Takes a Dive, Golden State Warriors Face Major Challenge

Stephen Curry tried to continue playing, but it seems his ankle injury this time is not mild. As soon as the “chef” left the field, Golden State lost its advantage and suffered final defeat.

Trying to slow down when facing two people at the same time, Stephen Curry looked towards the corner of the field where his teammate Moses Moody was empty.

But before his hands could pass the ball, the Golden State Warriors’ No. 1 star’s supporting leg encountered a problem. A rolled ankle occurred, causing Curry extreme pain, whose screams could be heard clearly on television.

Even though he tried to go around the field to see what the situation was, “chef” Stephen still had to limp off the field with more than 4 minutes left in the match. This contributed to the Warriors losing with a score of 122-125. against the Chicago Bulls right at home.

Golden State members do not have any updates on Stephen Curry’s injury situation. Coach Steve Kerr was the only one to speak up, saying that Curry had been soaked in ice to reduce swelling and needed an MRI to determine the severity.

Stephen Curry winced in pain after rolling his ankle. He tried to stay on the field but was unable to continue playing
The absence of Stephen Curry has left a big hole in the Golden State Warriors squad, especially in terms of the spirit of the home team.

Rookie Brandin Podziemski seemed to have some psychological problems when he missed an extremely delicious basket, losing the opportunity to equalize the score with 7 seconds left in the match. Young player Lester Quinones replaced Curry in the final few minutes of the match and did not leave any mark.

On the other side of the field, DeMar DeRozan was too “clutch” in the last 2 minutes. He alone scored 5 consecutive points to finish off Golden State right at Chase Center, including a cold and classy and-1 phase.

Despite losing to the Chicago Bulls today (March 8), the Golden State Warriors are still one of the “hottest” teams in the tournament with 14 wins in 19 matches.

The Warriors’ net-rating index ranked 4th (only defense ranked 5th) in the entire NBA during this period, with Stephen Curry averaging more than 26 points and 5 assists per game.

But the more Golden State flourishes, the more worrying Curry’s injury becomes. Still in the above series of matches, as long as Steph rests, the Warriors’ average number of points scored per 100 times of controlling the ball will decrease from 118 to 107.

Stephen Curry is at the core of the Golden State Warriors’ streak of high performance over the past month
Replacing Stephen Curry is impossible, so coach Steve Kerr’s team will need squad depth to compensate. The positive thing is that the Warriors have been rotating 10-11 players per match recently

“We were once in this position, when he (Stephen Curry – Reporter) stopped playing due to injury. The goal is to use collective strength, trust and solidarity every time we compete ,” Klay Thompson shared.

“I know Steph won’t want to miss any games. But we also need to ensure the team’s performance ourselves in case he has to rest. No one wants to force him to return soon.”

This season, Stephen Curry only missed 3 matches and Golden State lost all 3 matches
Considering Stephen Curry’s injury history, every time he has an ankle problem it makes Golden State Warriors fans extremely worried.

Coach Steve Kerr added that Curry is showing signs of both physical and mental overload, evidenced by a recent series of ineffective finishing matches. Therefore, he is willing to pray for perfection so that his favorite student recovers 100% before playing again.
Stephen Curry rolled his ankle right at the “burning moment” of the Playoffs race, an injury that made Golden State Warriors fans extremely worried.

Turning his neck quite painfully in the match against the Chicago Bulls on March 8, Stephen Curry will have to take time off to recuperate. However, the positive thing is that the “head chef” will not have to sit out for too long.

Two reputable journalists, including Shams Charania and Adrian Wojnarowski, simultaneously reported that Curry’s injury is not a concern. MRI results showed that Stephen’s ankle was not damaged and only needed a few days of rest to recover.

Video of Stephen Curry’s painful ankle roll in the match against the Chicago Bulls on March 8

In the immediate future, the Golden State Warriors will let their No. 1 star sit out the match against the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday morning (March 10). After that, Curry will be considered for reappearance in a series of 3 away games next week if he feels okay.

The Warriors will march to the stadiums of San Antonio (Tuesday, March 12), Dallas Mavericks (Thursday, March 14) and Los Angeles Lakers (Sunday, March 17) next week.

Journalist Shams quoted a source from the team saying that Curry’s ankle is much better after a day of rest, so there is a high possibility that he will return soon to avoid affecting Golden State’s Playoffs race.

At this point, every match is very important to the Golden State Warriors. They are ranked 9th in the Western rankings after losing to the Chicago Bulls on March 8, have the same win rate as the 10th-ranked Los Angeles Lakers and are 3.0 games away from the Playoffs group (top-7).

Every match of the Golden State Warriors at this time is extremely important in the race for the Playoffs (to the top-7 teams in the West).
Although the above information shows positivity about Stephen Curry’s ability to recover and return soon, the Golden State Warriors still need to be prepared if things do not go as planned.

“There is only one Stephen Curry in this basketball world and no one can replace him. So missing Steph will bring many difficulties, but it doesn’t mean we’re here waiting for him to return ,” Draymond Green shared.

“The team will have some changes in personnel and tactics to go through this period. We still have Chris Paul, an experienced PG and very famous for his leadership ability. The whole team will try to maintain their form until Curry recovers.”

Although Curry may return soon, the Golden State Warriors still need to maintain form until the “chef” truly returns.
Without Stephen Curry, coach Steve Kerr will increase the playing minutes of Chris Paul and rookie Brandin Podziemski in the ball-leading defender group. As for Paul, there is a high possibility that he will play from the start to replace Curry.

Video of Stephen Curry’s painful ankle roll in the match against the Chicago Bulls on March 8

In addition, Moses Moody and Klay Thompson can also play more to improve the strength of the attack, the aspect most affected when the “chef” is out.

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