Denying “Bayou Barbie” Trademark, Angel Reese Lured by Gilbert Arenas to Change Her Nickname After Chicago Sky Move

Perhaps the most influential figure in LSU’s history, Angel Reese wends her ways in professional basketball.

The 2023 national champion is now part of the talented Chicago Sky roster after her illustrious college basketball career, which won her many nicknames. One of which was the immensely popular ‘Bayou Barbie’.

However, it looks like this name might not be attached to her anymore. Helping her out are former NFL athletes Shannon Sharpe and Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson and NBA legend Gilbert Arenas.

In their latest episode of the podcast ‘Nightcap – Hour 1’, the three-time All-American forward was in the pick of things for these two NFL players turned podcasters.

During the exchange, Sharpe called Reese ‘Bayou Barbie’. This didn’t sit out well with Gilbert Arenas, who went on and said, “She’s over there in Chicago, right? Her name might not be Bayou Barbie no more. She got a new name coz she’s in Chicago now. So her new name is Big Reese.” 

Following this, Sharpe refused immediately and was firm that ‘Bayou Barbie’ was a much better name.

He later advocated that this name would flow in Chicago, further adding, “That Bayou Barbie, that made you catchy. That made you grabby. I guarantee you, that’s how they’re going to refer to her.” 

Meanwhile, these two are not the only ones having this dilemma with Angel Resse’s nicknames.

Angel Reese is unsure about her new nickname

Apparently, the 2024 SEC Player of the Year herself is also trying to figure out this new name.

In a recent X post, Angel Reese made it evident that she won’t be continuing with Bayou Barbie, claiming, “I need a new name now that I’m in Chicago, lol, something cute that is catchy like Bayou Barbie.” Soon after, comments started pouring in, with several fans making some noteworthy suggestions.

Names like ‘Chi-Town Angel’ and ‘Windy City Wonder Woman’ started to gain traction soon.

Earlier, Angel Reese revealed the origin behind her nickname Bayou Barbie when she said, “Because on the court, I wear my lashes, I wear my nails, I have my hair done and I’m also a dawg.” 

Notably, a change in name doesn’t alter the fact that she is an impeccable baller.

The talent and skills that Reese exhibits on the court as a pro in the future can surely get her a worthy nickname. And we’ll have to wait and see what that might be.

What are your suggestions to Angel Reese regarding a new nickname? Tell us what nickname you chose in the comments below.

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