Angel Reese Breakup: LSU Star’s Love Life Takes a Hit as Latest Social Media Activity Suggests Heartbreak From 21YO Boyfriend

Collegiate basketball star Angel Reese shot to fame last year when she led the LSU Tigers women’s basketball team to win their first-ever NCAA Championship. The LSU forward was pushed further into the spotlight when she was named the NCAA Tournament’s Most Outstanding Player. Capping off an already amazing year, Reese thrilled fans by revealing her relationship with hooper boyfriend Cam’Ron Fletcher in June.

Angel Reese swooned by boyfriend with Valentines day gift

Cam’ron is a guard for the Florida State Seminoles men’s basketball team. Naturally, fans were going gaga over the basketball power couple. However, their relationship hit the rocks as Reese hinted at a possible breakup last month. The most obvious hint was when fans noticed that the couple had unfollowed each other on Instagram.

If some were still unsure about the status of their relationship, Reese’s recent Instagram story might help clear the air. The young star shared a story that revealed her current state of mind. It appears as if she is still healing from the heartbreak.  She wrote in her Instagram story, “Life is a journey and the path is never straight. Embrace the twists and turns and keep moving forward with faith and determination. GOD got you. God bless! i love Everybody.

To make the case stronger, Reese has now removed every trace of Cam’ron from her Instagram feed. That’s right, she has deleted every photo featuring Cam’ron and there are no sweet couple pictures on her feed anymore. The two have not officially announced their separation but all hints point toward a breakup. It could be possible that they are taking a break but that is up for speculation.

TikTok is swooning over Angel Reese's love story with Cam'Ron Fletcher

Reese and Cam’ron went from friends to lovers

In an interview with Women’s Health, Reese revealed that she had known Cam’ron for six years before hitting it off as lovers. “He’s really supportive and I’ve known him for six years,” she said. The two had also previously shared snaps on social media where they tattooed each other’s names. These pictures have since been removed from their feeds.

Their mutual love for basketball was one thing that strengthened their bond. “We both play the same sport so we understand each other’s schedule. I think that also helps,” Reese said. Known for flaunting their relationship on social media, the power couple has now left everyone wondering if they are taking a break or have permanently called it quits.

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