5 expensive things owned by $1.8M NIL-valued Angel Reese

5 expensive items Angel Reese owns.

LSU star Angel Reese declared for the 2024 WNBA draft on Wednesday via a photo shoot through Vogue.

The ‘Bayou Barbie’ was inspired by Serena Williams, who also announced her retirement through Vogue in 2022.

Known for her vibrant outfits and love for everything that looks charming, the Baltimore native has amassed a NIL valuation of $1.8 million, as per On3 Sports.

Reese, who recently expressed her experience dealing with tax season, tries to spend her money cautiously but also indulges herself in luxurious treats every now and then.

So, let’s look at five expensive items the hooper owns as seen on her social media.

5 expensive items owned by Angel Reese

#1, Mercedes Benz

Since leading the Lady Tigers to the national championship in the 2022-2023 season, Reese has been enjoying the finer things in life.

On her 21st birthday, Angel Reese bought a black Mercedez Benz after completing a deal with them in collaboration with Louisiana NIL collective, Bayou Traditions.

Image Credit: Angel Reese's Instagram PostImage Credit: Angel Reese’s Instagram Post

The approximate price of the Mercedez EQE 350+ SUV is $77,900 as per the official website of Mercedez Benz.

#2, Chanel bag

Always seen donning a Chanel bag, it’s apparent that Reese has a love for the French luxury house. The LSU star recently showed off her new purchase on TikTok. Buying a Chanel is so normal for her that, in the video, she lost count of the one she held in her hands.

“So, open my new Chanel bag with me. Life has been good; life has been slaying, so…It’s like my 7th, 8th, 9th? 8th Chanel bag.”


unboxing videos are my favessss😇

♬ original sound – angel

As per Madison Avenue Couture, the cost of this particular Chanel bag is approximately $6,950.

#3, Chanel take 2

As mentioned earlier, Chanel is a brand favorite for Reese, so it comes as no surprise that she owns a collection of Chanel accessories.


thanks sugar momma🤭 @Amira

♬ original sound – angel


As per StockX, the price of the Chanel sneaker is approximately $1,964 and the price of the beanie is $1,593, as per eBay.

#4, Jewelry

The next expensive item on the list is a full stack of Cartier rings, which Reese’s former boyfriend, Cam’Ron Fletcher gifted to her.


ahhhhh i loves my mannn. stacked cartier rings until the real ones okayyyy🥺😍🫣

♬ original sound – AUDREY🥰❤️

The price of a single Cartier ring starts from $1,250.

#5, Accessories for her dog, Tiago

Angel Reese not only dresses to impress, but she also ensures her dog, Tiago, is decked out in Louis Vuitton. Reese has splurged on a $345 collar, a $410 leash, and a $3,500 dog bag from LV.


can’t wait 🤪

♬ original sound – angel

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