While shopping, Kendall Jenner wore a giant sweater, leading some fans to believe she was expecting Bad Bunny’s baby.

KENDALL Jenner has been seen while walking into a grocery store amid pregnancy rumors.

The 27-year-old might have been doing a causal everyday task, but she still looked like a model.

Kendall Jenner was spotted while out on a shopping trip Credit: BackGrid

She was wearing an oversized sweater that hid her model figure Credit: BackGrid

Kendall was wearing an oversized knitted sweater that was so large she could have worn it as a dress.

The center of the dress was gray, but the right and left sides were tan, the same color as her ankle boots.

Under her sweater, The Kardashian star wore a tiny pair of white shorts that were only visible when she lifted the hem of her shirt.

She accessorized with black sunglasses and two tan bags in different shades and sizes.

The Hulu personality’s hair was unstyled as it hung down around her face and the wind blew it in different directions.

Kendall’s entire figure was obscured by the large and bulky sweater making it perfect for her to hide a potential baby bump.


The reality television star recently sparked pregnancy rumors with her boyfriend Bad Bunny, 29, after she was spotted with a supposed belly bump.

The candid images were taken as she walked around Los Angeles, California, in a tight black tank top and loose black pants.

When the images were shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, one fan wrote: “Jesus Kendall is pregnantttttttt.”

Another said: “Woah!!” and a third commented: “Omg bad baby bunnies on the way.”

Fans freaked out until one user shut down the speculation by pointing out that the apparent bump was an optical illusion.

As it turned out, the “bump” was actually a person’s butt who was standing behind her.

The user said: “Y’all calm down she is not pregnant. That’s someone else back as they are going the opposite way.”

Kendall is the only Kardashian without children, but she hasn’t ruled out becoming a mom.


Kendall and Bad Bunny have done their best to keep their relationship private since they began dating earlier this year.

Though the celebrity couple has tried to keep their romance discreet, the pair have been spotted on outings together.

But recently, the pair have seemingly embraced sharing parts of their private life.

Last month, Kendall and the record-breaking reggaeton artist showed off their relationship when they unveiled their first major photoshoot together.

They appeared together as the new faces of the Gucci Valigeria travel line in an ad campaign that showed them packing on the PDA while inside an airport.

Previously, Kendall and Bad Bunny had only been seen at random outings but they’ve since made it clear they’re an official item after teaming up for their first major project together.

Pregnancy rumors have recently been circling Kendall and Bad Bunny Credit: Getty

Kendall was recently seen with what appeared to be a baby bump, but it was an optical illusion Credit: Getty

Kendall and Bad Bunny recently made their relationship official with a Gucci ad Credit: Getty

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