When Kylie Jenner shows off her shrinking behind at an event in Los Angeles in a strapless dress, confused admirers are all wondering the same thing.

KYLIE Jenner has revealed her shrinking butt in a strapless dress at a Los Angeles event on Wednesday.

The Hulu star shared photos taken at the event on Instagram but many of her followers were left wondering the same thing.

Kylie Jenner revealed her shrinking butt in a strapless dress at a Los Angeles event on Wednesday Credit: Instagram/kyliejenner

Kylie’s seemingly smaller backside was on full display in an Instagram photo taken at the WSJ Innovators Awards Credit: Instagram/kyliejenner

Kylie, 26, captioned the post: “what a night. thank you @wsjmag for the award and honor tonight of being this years brand innovator and for recognizing @khy.”

The photos captured behind-the-scenes moments of The Kardashians star at the Wall Street Journal Innovator Awards.

Kylie was shown holding a large bouquet of roses while posing in a strapless two-toned gown.

The makeup mogul’s ultra-slim figure was accentuated by the svelte, floor-length dress.

In a photo, taken before the award ceremony, Kylie’s recently less plump rump was on full display as she walked between the event’s pre-set tables.

In the comment section, fans praised the reality star’s achievement, with one person writing: “congratulations beautiful girl.”

Kylie was recognized with the WSJ Brand Innovator Award for her new clothing brand, Khy Credit: Instagram/KHY

“You deserve it all. Can’t wait for my Khy to arrive!,” added another.

One confused commenter asked: “Genuine question, how did it get an award if it just launched?”

A second agreed, commenting: “My thoughts exactly.”

“Literally,” added another.

While a fourth person wrote: “This is what I want to know lol.”

Kylie was accused of forming her famous curves with the aid of padding at the event.

Fans noticed something strange about the TV personality’s appearance when she accepted the WSJ Innovator Award on Wednesday.

For the event, Kylie wore a dress from her new brand, Khy.

The Los Angeles native wore a black dress, with a tight latex overlay covering her torso.

Kylie showed off her weight loss in the skintight outfit, but fans noticed that her hips stood out in comparison to her tiny upper half.

On Reddit, one fan posted a clip from the event and wrote: “Bless her heart (and that misplaced hip).”

“Her hip looks hard,” wrote another, while a third added: “Her hips are so low.”

A fourth social media user claimed: “It’s all padding.”

Another critic asked: “WTF happened to the hips? Besides, surgery ofc!”

“I think her hip pads are coming up in the back, that’s why she keeps her hands there lmao,” commented another critic, referring to how Kylie stood leaning forward with her hands on her hips as she gave her speech.


This isn’t the first time Kylie has been accused of using hip padding, with critics previously pointing out her appearance at the Schiaparelli fashion show at the Italian Embassy, for which she wore a skintight glittering gold gown.

Fans noticed that Kylie had unusual lines around her hips in the dress, and thought that she’d used padding to make her curves more prominent.

At the time, one person shared screengrabs of the outfit on Reddit and wrote: “Pays tons of money to perfect her body but still wears padding to make her hips look massive.”

A second posted: “OOPS! Girl, your hip pads are showin’! I’m cringing hard.”

“Omg it looks damn ridiculous and all the comments are like, ‘Wow, she looks insane her body is incredible,’ another user commented.

“Kylie doesn’t even look like this after all that surgery she’s also using padding – was the lipo and BBL not enough?”


Kylie’s previously curvy body has looked much skinnier in recent months, and the change worried fans after Kylie shared a TikTok video of her morning routine.

When the clip was reposted on a forum dedicated to the Kardashian-Jenners, people couldn’t help but comment on Kylie’s slimmed-down body.

“So skinnyyy d**n lol,” one person said, while another wrote: “She looks tiny!!!”

A third said: “I had no idea she was that petite. She looks like her old self in the first clip.”

Others, however, didn’t believe that working out was the secret behind her slender figure and suggested that surgery had a big role to play in Kylie’s weight loss.

Fans questioned how Kylie’s new brand could already ready receive an award when it just launched in October Credit: Instagram/kyliejenner

Kardashian critics accused Kylie of wearing hip pads under her gown to stand in for her diminishing curves Credit: Getty

Kylie’s previously curvy body has appeared much skinnier in recent months Credit: Getty

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