There are still 16 of humanity’s greatest mysteries that remain unexplained.

A series of mysteries about the surrounding world still cannot be explained and are waiting for future geniuses to research.

1. Mysterious fluid used to embalm human bodies

Empress Dai Xin Zhui was a Han Dynasty mummy, buried 2,000 years ago.

The special thing is that when she was found, her skin was extremely soft, her joints could even bend.

Research shows that this woman’s body contains a mysterious liquid that cannot be copied. This is considered the best mummy in human history.

2. Different types of blood

Although everyone knows that we humans have different blood types, until now no one has been able to explain this.

3. Lightning cloud phenomenon

In the Tiwi Islands, in Northern Australia, between September and March, lightning clouds can be witnessed almost every afternoon every year.

This is one of the exploration goals of meteorologists. Initially, they thought that the lightning cloud was formed from the sea breeze.

4. Mysterious skeleton

12 years ago, science discovered a skull about 15cm long in the Atacama desert, in northern Chile. However, many theorize that this is not an alien skeleton.

Recently, a study by Stanford University showed that the skull is actually a variation of the database.

5. Missed flights are not processed

Last year, the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370 left many people wondering.

However, this is not a special case. In the past 70 years, there have been 90 flights causing mutations and the cause has not been resolved.

6. The late Australian Prime Minister is missing

The death of Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt was due to a fatal accident while diving in the Cheviot waters on the morning of July 12, 1967, but for Australians, Mr. Holt’s death remains a mystery.

At that time, he had only been Prime Minister of Australia for 22 months. Many people believe that his body was eaten by a shark.

7. Orangutan’s answer about death

Cocoa is known as a chimpanzee sign language to humans. After being asked where the orangutan would go after death, it just acted oddly with a relaxed expression and said goodbye.

8. The Kepler telescope found 1,200 planets that could support life

It is very possible that an alien lives on 37 planets, which means there are many planets around us to live on.

However, these findings are similar to our own galaxy.

9. “Dancing to death” epidemic

The Strasbourg region in France had this epidemic that lasted for a month.

During that time, the people just danced, causing many of them to die of exhaustion. This phenomenon still has no solution.

10. The man became a musical genius thanks to… a brain injury

A man with Savant’s “savant syndrome” suddenly became a talented pianist.

After a few days of the accident, he became interested in playing the piano and became a genius.

11. Voynich oracle manuscript

These manuscripts were written in the 15th century and total 240 pages.

The language in the book is not clear at all, causing experts today to still have headaches finding solutions.

12. The mysterious motorbike

This is the rarest motorbike in the world. In 1968, it was discovered on a Chicago wall but still could not move.

13. 3D movies change the lives of stereoblind patients

A man’s blindness can last up to 67 years, leaving him unable to perceive the depth of space.

In February 2012, the man accused him and his wife of going to the theater to watch the movie Hugo 3D directed by Martin Scorsese.

After wearing the glasses and enjoying the movie on the 3D app, something strange happened.

After watching the movie, he picked up the glasses and for the first time in his life saw a realistic 3D world.

It is an old story, very strange and difficult to explain but completely true.

14. The strange actions of animals caused the entire city to evacuate

In 1975, officials in Hai Thanh city, China, suddenly saw many animals making unusual movements.

Therefore, they decided to evacuate 90,000 residents. A few hours later, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake destroyed the city.

15. Alien Virus

This is considered a strange virus because 93% of scientists cannot recognize it in human genes. It is found in water along the coast in Australia.

16. Devil’s Lake

The water stream in front of the waterfall is divided into two parts. The section flowing into the lake on the right is very normal.

However, the remaining branch flowed into a large deep hole and disappeared. Until now, scientists have not found a way out for this water flow.

(Nguồn: MH)

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