The Voice fans criticized Blake Shelton for making an insulting comment about his new coach, Camila Cabello.

THE Voice fans have slammed Blake Shelton for making a NSFW comment to Camila Cabello during the show’s wild season 22 premiere on Monday.

The former Fifth Harmony member, 25, has only just joined as a new coach, while the country star, 46, has been part of the series since it debuted in 2011.

Blake Shelton shocked fans after making an NSFW comment to Camila Cabello during the season 22 premiere of The Voice Credit: NBC

Viewers blasted the country crooner for being ‘inappropriate’ to the 25-year-old Credit: NBC

A short while into the premiere episode, Blake interrupted Camila’s confessional interview backstage with some fighting words – some of them NSFW.

Proving how competitive he is, the country crooner tried to throw the new coach off her game by not only surprising her backstage but also by doing so with some strange comments.

He went after Camila’s ensemble for her first day, which was a black dress with a puffy-sleeved blouse underneath, and a large pink flower pinned at the neck of the top.

After Camila told Blake that she was telling the cameraman all about her tricks to win, he sarcastically joked: “Is it your puffy sleeves? Is that a pirate shirt?”

She just went with it and said: “Arghh!”

Where he went next with his comments, she had trouble getting anything out aside from her shocked laughter.

“Does your flower squirt? Is it a squirty flower,” he asked, realizing a little bit after he said it, and after she started chuckling, that his remark was quite the sexual innuendo.

Blake added: “Sounds weird when I say it like that. Almost inappropriate, disgusting.”

Still laughing, but now pointing at him and looking a little uncomfortable, she told him: “That’s what I was gonna say. Very inappropriate.”

After the awkward NSFW encounter, he just told her, “OK, continue on,” and hurried away.


Fans on Twitter were not happy with Blake’s squirting flower comment.

One fan was unimpressed: “Squirting jokes? Really?”

This fan thought it was uncalled for: “squirting flower sounds super inappropriate from Blake”

Another user called it creepy: “Blake, talking about squirting flowers in just creepy.”

This Twitter user agreed: ““Does your flower squirt?”  Um WTF? That was disgusting!”

Another fan said: “Tell me Blake didn’t just ask Camilia if her  “flower squirts”!!!?”


Last week, judge John Legend teased there are a few key changes to the show this season.

While appearing alongside his costars — Gwen Stefani, Blake, and Camila – on The TODAY Show, he dished all about the switches happening on The Voice.

Host Hoda Kotb asked: “So, is this year different because we are used to seeing guest coaches, you bring in all kinds of things.

“How is this year, John, different than years past?”

That’s when John revealed: “Well, we are going to have a really special three-way knockout that we are going to have this season.

“Which we’ve never done before.”

Hoda asked: “What is that?”

“So, normally our knockouts are one-on-one, but this year we are doing threes each knockout, and we have to choose between them so that’s pretty crazy,” John explained.

The coach said that they can only choose one in the end though.

Hoda also welcomed newcomer, Camila, to the show and talked about Blake’s success.

She spoke with Gwen a bit about being married to Blake and being on the show together as husband and wife.

Gwen’s marital status isn’t the only thing that’s changed for her, as fans have noticed that her face has seemed to change over the years, as well.

After the superstar shared a clip from The Voice on her social media, followers began commenting on her different appearance.

One said: “So love Gwen, but stop messing with your eyes. They are disappearing.”

Another critic noted: “It looks like she got a facelift or something.”

A third agreed and added: ” I don’t like it! What did you do to your face!?!”

“Wish she would stop having work done on her face,” one user chimed in.

Another critic claimed: “Oh no! She got botox, and you can tell. You can barely see her eyes now!”

The Voice continues with part two of its premiere on Tuesday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

Camila just started as a new coach, while Blake has been with the show since it first premiered in 2011 Credit: NBC


Gwen Stefani and John Legend are also judges this season, while Carson Daly hosts Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC


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