The story behind Billie Eilish: The 20-year-old singer won an Oscar

At the 2022 Oscars, young singer Billie Eilish won the award for the “Best Soundtrack” category. Witness her glorious success on stage, but few people know the stories hidden behind.

Singer Eilish and her brother Finneas Baird O’Connell were honored to be named the winners of the Best Soundtrack Song category with the song ‘No Time to Die’ from the ‘blockbuster’ No Time to Die. With this victory, Billie Eilish became the first artist born in the 2000s to hold an Oscar.

The 21-year-old female singer had great success at the 2022 Oscars – Photo: Internet

To achieve great success like today, the female singer born in 2001 has gone through many ups and downs and difficulties in her career.

“Parents should not let their children listen to Billie Eilish music”

Emerging as a global phenomenon in 2019 with the song “Bad guy” – setting a record with more than 1 billion views on Youtube, the 18-year-old singer reached No1. Billboard 200 and won 2 Grammy Awards for Song of the Year, the album won Album of the Year.

However, Billie Eilish’s music is not well received by parents.

They worry that their children will be mentally affected by music and take foolish and negative actions.

Billie Eilish is often associated with a moody, depressive and negative style of music making.

She often conveys these dark messages through her songs.

A typical example is the album “When we all fall asleep, where do we go?”, with singles such as “Bury A Friend”, “You Should See Me In A Crown”, “Listen Before I Go”…

The main materials used by Billie are Pop music, Hip hop and electronic music. She makes music according to minimalism.

Songs are often short in duration, have few instruments, and use harmonic loops or simple electronic sounds.

Billie uses a lot of silence in her songs, enhancing her voice and creating a slow, quiet rhythm.

Her compositions have dark colors about monsters, murders and even suicidal thoughts. She uses a lot of internet language and slang.

CollegeView newspaper criticized the female singer born in 2001 for promoting a wave of “suffering” artists, focusing on the topic of mental illness and promoting self-destructive behaviors such as cutting arms, committing suicide. death.

“They romanticize depression and make young people think having it is fashionable,” the newspaper wrote.

In a speech, she shared that making music like this is just a hobby and with the purpose of helping people become aware of their inner feelings and encouraging escape towards more positivity.

On the contrary, despite the opposition, she is very supported by the younger generation, who feel like they see themselves in her music.

In 2019 and 2020, Billie Eilish’s music is like a phenomenon sought after by young people around the world.

Billie Eilish once wanted to commit suicide because she was so famous – Photo: internet

Struggling with mental illness

The famous showbiz singer once publicly admitted that she was suffering from Tourette’s syndrome (a rare neurological disorder).

“I think many of my fans should know why I sometimes commit uncontrollable acts” – Billie shared.

She has a strange dressing style and strange and unique actions, but is loved and admired by young people.

In 2015, Billie Eilish began publishing her compositions through the internet. Right then, the female singer felt the need to express the truth about her illness. Slowly, but effectively, Billie gathered more and more young admirers.

Meanwhile, many critics condemned the female singer for getting rich by flaunting her depression and other psychological problems.

After receiving a lot of criticism, she still continues to try and make efforts through her music products.

In 2021, Eilish suddenly changed her style and outfit. She became gentler, more mature and more mature.

She became the youngest artist to win an Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe.

Eilish expressed backstage at the Oscars: “I worked hard from the age of 14 to 20, and all my efforts paid off.”

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