Snoop Dogg Says Pharrell Williams Once Got ‘So High’ in the Studio and Left Him Alone with Stevie Wonder

“I’m trying to tell Stevie what to do. I don’t know what the f— to do. I’m not a producer,” Snoop Dogg told ‘Rolling Stone’ in a new interview

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If one smokes marijuana with Snoop Dogg and doesn’t walk away with an interesting story, did it even happen?

In a new Rolling Stone cover story interview, the “Gin and Juice” rapper recalled a time when he was forced to muster up some producing skills after Pharrell Williams accidentally got too high in the studio, leaving Snoop alone with the legendary Stevie Wonder.

“I got so many [favorite studio sessions]. One that stand out to me is when me, Pharrell, and Stevie Wonder was in the studio. We smoking. We in a little-ass room,” recalled Snoop, speaking with Latto for the conversation. “Pharrell’s done got high, he got secondhand smoke. Now Stevie in the booth and Pharrell ain’t saying s—.”

Snoop Dogg and Latto on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Wonder didn’t know “what to do,” explained Snoop. “I’m like, ‘Pharrell, produce this n—-.’ This n—-‘s so high, he leaves Stevie in the booth and don’t give him no direction.”

Snoop wasn’t sure how to proceed. “I’m trying to tell Stevie what to do. I don’t know what the f— to do. I’m not a producer,” he told the outlet. “I told the n—-, ‘Just play anything.'”

Somehow, the pair was able to record some usable material. “When we finished, Pharrell took all of the good s— that he played. Because he was playing harmonica, singing and s—, and it ended up working,” explained Snoop.

Snoop Dogg for Rolling Stone.


However, the rapper found it “funny” that Williams — his “Drop It Like It’s Hot” collaborator — had never previously been bothered by his marijuana usage.

“But today he finally gets so high that he leaves Stevie in there. They left a n—- in there, where he had to walk out by himself,” added Snoop. “Shout-out my bitch, Stevie.”

While Snoop didn’t clarify what song was being created when Williams had to exit the studio room, the trio worked together on “California Roll” from his 2015 album Bush.

The same year, he spoke about how the idea to recruit Wonder as a featured artist came about in an interview with The Guardian.

“Listening to the song after I laid my vocals, and after Pharrell’s vocals was laid, I was saying: ‘Man, P, we need to get someone else on this thing. We need to get Stevie Wonder,'” said Snoop at the time. “P was like: ‘Can you get him?’ I said: ‘Sure. Hold on.’ I called him up. Two hours later Stevie Wonder pulled up outside the studio.”

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