Snoop Dogg and Son Cordell Broadus Team Up to Empower Underserved Creators with Death Row Games

The father-son duo is on a mission to reshape the gaming landscape, empowering underserved creators and amplifying diversity in Fortnite.

The father-son duo is on a mission to reshape the gaming landscape, empowering underserved creators and amplifying diversity in Fortnite.

Photo by Dia Dipasupil

Father-son duo Snoop Doggand  Cordell Broadus are venturing into the gaming space together following the launch of their latest venture, Death Row Games.

The team seeks to “broaden the narrative around what gaming is and can become” for consumers while providing opportunities to underserved creators.

According to reports, the initiative was created to assist minority creatives and artists within the Fortnite ecosystem to design, develop, and publish content for the platform using the game’s Unreal Editor.

“We’ve been creating games, and none of them have been published anything on a huge scale, but on a very amateur level,” Broadus told AFROTECH of the startup. “We’ve been around games for the last five to six years. And Snoop, he’s done mobile games. A few of them in the past five to six years in apps and stuff like that. So we’ve always had the mindset of building it on our own.”

The 26-year-old added, “We felt like let’s really put resources into building Death Row Games and making a home for diverse creators in the gaming ecosystem and be a part of the narrative, the storytelling of what the next game should be looking like.”

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