Snoop Dogg and Chris Stapleton leave NFL fans “super pumped” as they unveil new ESPN MNF anthem.

SNOOP Dogg and Chris Stapleton have performed ESPN’s Monday Night Football anthem, leaving NFL fans amazed.

The music icons were unveiled prior to ESPN’s doubleheader of MNF which featured the New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers game and the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers matchup.

Snoop Dogg performed in ESPN’s new Monday Night football anthem Credit: Twitter/espn

Chris Stapleton was also in the anthem and performed his version of legend rocker Phil Collins’ hit song In the Air Tonight Credit: Twitter/espn

Stapleton sang his version of rocker Phil Collins’ legendary In the Air Tonight.

Cindy Blackman handled the classic drum solo as the country-singing Stapleton donned a cowboy hat.

While they were performing, the video showed a montage of the teams in the Week 2 Monday Night Football matchups.

Snoop then joined the song in a vintage green car.

And the rap legend delivered with football-center rap verses.

Stapleton would proceed to appear again and perform the hook and guitar solo.

The end of the anthem would reveal ESPN’s Monday Night Football brand.

NFL viewers were impressed by the popular sports network’s new theme intro.

One said: “This is pretty fire.”

Another commented: “I got the chills.”

And a third added: “Super pumped.”

Snoop and Stapleton’s version of In The Air Tonight is ESPN’s first MNF theme song since 2020.

It’s the fifth theme song for Monday Night Football since it began in 1969.

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