Singer Camila Cabello’s secret to staying fit and young: Turns out it’s just 3 easy things to do

Have you ever wondered about the secrets of superstars to stay young and stay in shape? Here are 3 things that Camila Cabello often does.

Camila Cabello, full name Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao, is a Cuban-American artist famous for her singing, songwriting and acting talents.

Camila Cabello initially rose to fame as a member of the girl group Fifth Harmony, formed through the reality TV show “The X Factor” in 2012.

However, her career really took off when she left the group in 2016. The pinnacle of her career came from her debut album titled “Camila” (2018), with the hit “Havana” reaching 1 position on many international music charts. In particular, it created a fever with the song “Senorita” featuring Shawn Mendes.

Camila Cabello is a famous female singer with hits like Havana and Senorita.

Camila Cabello is not only famous for her excellent musical talent, but also attracts attention for maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle.

Since Camila started making her debut in the public eye, she has shown a positive vision for maintaining her figure and health.

Camila does not follow unhealthy weight loss trends. Instead, she often shares about exercising regularly and maintaining a balanced diet.

This not only helps her maintain her physical strength but also helps her mentally feel refreshed and youthful. Limit stress caused by having to abstain too much.

According to Jenna Willis – Camila’s personal trainer, the female singer born in 1997 regularly maintains these 3 things to stay in shape and protect her health. Jenna advises everyone to try it.

Camila does not diet negatively, but instead, she keeps fit and eats very scientifically.

– Do not use stimulants

Jenna said that the female singer hardly touches a drop of alcohol, because it has a very bad impact on her waistline. Specifically, a small can of beer about 350ml contains up to 95 calories, or a small glass of wine contains 94 calories. If you drink too much, it will cause weight gain and excess fat accumulation in the abdomen very quickly, affecting your appearance.

In addition, consuming too much beer and alcohol will cause many health problems such as liver disease, stomach ulcers, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Even uncontrolled use can lead to cirrhosis, increasing the risk of atherosclerosis.

Besides, alcohol can also negatively affect the drinker’s mood and psychology. Excessive use can cause psychosis, increasing the risk of depression, anxiety and stress. This is really not good for your health or mind.

– Chew slowly, eat slowly

Due to the hustle and bustle of modern life, almost everyone eats quickly to have time to do other things. Everyone thinks this is normal, but this is actually a more harmful habit than you think. Therefore, Jenna advises everyone to practice the habit of chewing slowly and eating slowly to stay in shape and protect their health.

Camila never eats in a hurry no matter how busy her schedule is.

First of all, chewing slowly helps start the digestive process right from the mouth. Chewing food thoroughly helps the food to be crushed into smaller pieces, making it easier to come into contact with the amylase enzyme in saliva. This enzyme helps break down starch into simple sugars, creating favorable conditions for the next process in the stomach.

In addition, eating slowly also helps the stomach and intestines to be regularly supplied with food in small portions. This helps avoid overloading the digestive system after each meal, reducing the risk of diarrhea, constipation and indigestion.

“Chewing slowly also helps the body feel fuller better. By eating slowly, satiety signals will be sent from the stomach to the brain more accurately, helping you feel full naturally without need to eat too much” – Jesse Feder, a certified specialist with the American Dietetic Association, said.

Finally, eating slowly also creates the right conditions for weight loss and body weight maintenance. Because you can feel full faster, thereby controlling the amount of food consumed more effectively. This is an effective way to lose weight but not everyone knows.

– Eat many small meals instead of one large meal

Camila shared that she always eats many small meals a day no matter how busy her work is. Instead of eating three large meals, dividing your diet into several meals will help optimize digestion and nutrient absorption.

Camila often shares small meals on her Instagram.

Specifically, eating many small meals can boost metabolism. Consuming food regularly helps the body maintain higher energy levels throughout the day, helping you feel alert and function well.

This way, you will control overeating at each meal and avoid feeling hungry, thereby effectively supporting weight loss.

Besides, eating more meals will help the body absorb nutrients better.

According to experts, the body is better able to digest and absorb nutrients when food is broken down into smaller pieces, creating favorable conditions for the digestive process.

According to Eatthis, Healthline, Medicalnewstoday

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