Rumors of a separation between Timothee Chalamet and Kylie Jenner are stoked by fans who see the couple’s “fake interaction” at the WSJ Awards.

KYLIE Jenner and her beau, Timothee Chalamet have fueled breakup rumors after fans spotted a major detail in new pics.

The couple – who confirmed their relationship in September – was spotted at the Wall Street Journal Innovators Awards on Wednesday, November 1 in New York.

Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet attended the Wall Street Journal Innovators Awards on November 1 Credit: Getty

The two were photographed sitting next to each other and smiling during the ceremony Credit: Getty

However, the two did not walk the carpet together Credit: Getty

Kylie, 26, and Timothee, 27, did not walk the carpet together, however, they did sit together at the ceremony.

After fans saw a few photos and videos of the two lovebirds many questioned if they were still in a relationship, despite their smiling in each photo.


One Kardashian fan posted a few photos on a popular internet forum in hopes of getting the opinions of others.

One critic said: “Do these two interact normally? They look so strange. The vibes are off. Not like a real couple.”

In another forum dedicated to Timothee, someone else shared a video of the two of them having a conversation.

“This is so fake and forced,” one user mentioned.

A second said: “Why does he look like he’s looking for an out to walk away from her.”

“He is looking past her for his next hookup,” a third replied.

A fourth admitted: “The body language isn’t giving…looks awkward as hell.”

“There’s no chemistry, their body language is VERY telling about the disconnect between them,” a fifth pointed out.


Despite the rumors, Kylie strutted her stuff for the photographers while wearing a brown leather dress.

The Kardashians star wore a sleeveless leather top along with a floor-length brown skirt that slightly dragged behind her as she wore matching pumps.

A giant hole was cut through the leather top to show off more of her skirt.

Her makeup was touched to perfection while wearing minimal jewelry.

Meanwhile, Ky’s beau walked the carpet solo looking dapper than ever in an all-black suit.

The Wonka actor also posed with iconic Hollywood director, Martin Scorsese.


At the beginning of April 2023, rumors began that Kylie and Timothee had been seeing each other on the down low since January.

In April, sources spotted the pair at several of the same events.

They were seen attending an art show in Santa Monica, as well as the Jean Paul Gaultier show at Paris Fashion Week.

Kylie’s black Range Rover was even seen parked in the driveway of Timothée’s Los Angeles residence.

“Kylie and Timothée have been sneaking around for months, and she has mostly been hanging out at his house,” a source revealed to The U.S. Sun.

They continued: “Around the beginning of March, her security and car were spotted on his driveway but the news hadn’t leaked yet.

“She’s been chilling with him in private ever since as they clearly get to know each other.

“They were clearly desperate to keep these hangouts under the radar, but they know the secret is now.”

Then, a source told Us Weekly that Timothee was a big hit with the family as he met Kris and Kendall.

“They really like him and think he’s different from anybody Kylie has dated in the past. Timothée is a total gentleman and treats [Kylie] with respect,” the insider told the news outlet at the time.

They didn’t officially reveal their relationship until the beginning of September while enjoying a Beyonce concert in Los Angeles, California.

Days later on September 10, the two were spotted at the Men’s Singles Final at the US Open sharing a few kisses and watching the match.

On September 26, the couple was spotted holding hands as they arrived at the popular French restaurant Folderol Wine Bar for Despechá singer Rosalia’s birthday party.

In April 2023, it was first reported that Kylie and Timothee were secretly seeing each other since January Credit: Getty<

In September, the two confirmed their relationship by making out at a Beyonce concert in Los Angeles Credit: Getty

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