Priyanka Chopra’s mom says she had a long discussion with Nick Jonas, before her daughter’s marriage

Priyanka Chopra’s mother, Madhu Chopra, has discussed her daughter’s marriage and the conversations she had with Nick Jonas before the wedding.

Madhu revealed that she had a thorough one-on-one discussion with Nick to determine if he was suitable for Priyanka.

She found him likeable and realized he met her criteria for her daughter.

Madhu also mentioned that she had no concerns about Priyanka marrying someone from a different background, as Priyanka had studied abroad.

She did express some apprehension about Priyanka moving far away but felt they could always reach each other. Madhu also spoke about the joy of being a grandmother.

Priyanka Chopra’s mother Madhu Chopra has recently opened up about her daughter’s marriage, and about the lengthy conversation she had with Nick Jonas prior to the wedding.

Speaking to Bollywood Hungama, she divulged that she had a long discussion with Nick Jonas alone, before deciding whether or not he is suitable for Priyanka.

She disclosed that a thorough conversation with Nick played a crucial role in her decision-making.

Madhu Chopra shared that Nick is a ‘likeable’ guy and she liked him instantly.

According to her, one cannot determine whether the person is right for her daughter or not, in one meeting, and hence the task was given to Priyanka alone, however, they had long discussions, which further eased the process.

Madhu shared that she had a long one-on-one conversation with Nick to understand his character.

Following this discussion, she realized that he was indeed the right person for her daughter, meeting the criteria she had in mind for Priyanka.

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Madhu then revealed whether she harbored any concerns before Priyanka married Nick. She expressed that she never questioned Priyanka’s choice to marry someone from a different background.

According to Madhu, her daughter had studied abroad, and hence hadn’t felt any difference between white, black, and brown.

“She studied abroad at a time when all these things (skin colour) was normalised,” Madhu Chopra added. Having spent time with Priyanka during her studies, the entire family, including Madhu, became accustomed to this normalization.

Madhu emphasized that issues related to skin color were not a source of worry for her, as they were considered normal in their family.

She further revealed that what bothered her was that Priyanka Chopra is going very far away from her.

She also opened up that she had a bit of apprehension that Priyanka will be so far away but then also felt that it is okay, as they can always reach each other in fifteen hours.

During the interview Madhu Chopra also spoke about how their lives changed upon the arrival of Priyanka and Nick’s daughter Malti Marie Chopra Jonas. “Being a grandmother is the most beautiful thing on Earth,” she said.

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