Many fans have criticized Billie Eilish’s new horror series for including “pointless and random” moments in its episodes.

SWARM fans have blasted Billie Eilish’s new horror series for a ‘pointless and random’ full-frontal sex scene just minutes into the show.

The Prime Video series tells the story of Dre, who is obsessed with a fictional pop star who has a fanbase nicknamed The Swarm.

Swarm fans have blasted Billie Eilish’s new horror series for a ‘pointless and random’ full-frontal sex scene just minutes into the show

Khalid sees Dre watching as he has sex with Marissa in the first episode

Her obsession leads her on a dark and murderous path across the US.

In the opening episode featured an explicit sex scene where Dre (Dominque Fishback) watches Marissa (Chloe Bailey) having sex with her boyfriend Khalid (Damson Idris).

Khalid sees her watching and smiles and nods, without stopping what he’s doing to Marissa.

While the show has received praise from many viewers, some have taken issue with the sex scene, causing it to go viral on social media over the weekend.

One wrote on Twitter: “That sex scene was so unnecessary lmao #swarm especially that soon into the first episode.”

Another added: “Swarm is insane and that random sex scene with Chloe Bailey was so pointless.”

A third tweeted: “Bruh I’m mad as f**k Chloe got on screen and did that explicit a** pointless sex scene.”

“[It] contributed NOTHING to the plot and then [she] DIED like three minutes later. What the f**k was the reason?!!”

However, others defended the show, with one writing: “People who don’t like seeing sex scenes in movies, should check movie ratings and choose accordingly!

“And If you can’t separate acting from real life, you need help! The rating is right there! Use it! Besides, people [are] having sex all the time in real life.”

Another added: “The worst thing about the Swarm sex scene discourse is finding out how many grown adults think the actors are having actual sex on camera in movies and shows…??”

The series also stars pop singer Billie as Eva, a women empowerment cult leader that takes Dre under her wing in a later episode, as well as Rory Culkin and Paris Jackson.

Billie stars in a later episode

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