Kylie Jenner was criticized by the online community for cleverly showing off her house with two airplanes

The online community criticized Kylie Jenner for posting about showing off the private jet that she and her boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott, own together.

In Kylie’s post, many netizens left comments expressing their reaction to her insensitive way of bragging (Photo: Daily Mail).

Showbiz star – wealthy American businesswoman – Kylie Jenner (24 years old) has just shared a black and white photo on her social network account.

In the photo, Kylie and her boyfriend appear with two planes. Commenting on this photo, Kylie asked: “Do you want to use mine or mine?”.

Immediately, the online community expressed their reaction to this “show off” display. In Kylie’s post, many netizens left comments expressing their reaction to Kylie’s insensitive way of boasting, in the context of global warming, many environmental and health issues. Climate change occurring globally is becoming an increasingly serious and urgent problem.

Besides, the rising cost of living in many countries is causing many people around the world to fall into difficulties, even poverty, and crisis.

Kylie is said to have bought a private jet in 2020 for 72.8 million USD (equivalent to nearly 1,710 billion VND). Immediately after posting, Kylie had to receive a lot of critical comments, because in reality, the issue of climate change and rising living costs are also really affecting the lives of many Americans – where Kylie and her boyfriend are living together.

Kylie bought a private jet in 2020 for 72.8 million USD (equivalent to nearly 1,710 billion VND) (Photo: Daily Mail).

Kylie often takes photos and videos every time she uses a private jet (Photo: Daily Mail).

Showbiz star Kylie Jenner (24 years old) and her boyfriend – rapper Travis Scott (31 years old) have started dating since 2017.

The couple has two children together. The couple’s first daughter – 4-year-old Stormi – also appeared in the photo.

In the photo, people also see a four-wheeled supercar. The details in the photo show the level of luxury in the life of the famous young couple in American showbiz.

There are many people in the online community who find it difficult to accept this insensitive “showing off” of Kylie.

One person commented: “They have gone too far in showing off their wealth, while many others are struggling just to find a way to survive!”.

Another person commented: “Is it possible to not use both planes, to contribute to reducing emissions into the environment?”.

Another person spoke up: “Sometimes I suddenly feel that using paper straws, or limiting the creation of plastic waste, suddenly becomes meaningless, when I see how rich people can carelessly create the amount of waste they create. large emissions, just because they have enough money to fly in private jets to enjoy impromptu vacations that happen without thinking.”

Close-up of Kylie’s private plane (Photo: Daily Mail).

Last month, Kylie surprised everyone when she enjoyed a vacation in Palm Springs and took out her private jet for a 30-minute flight. She was criticized by a section of public opinion for using a private jet for a short flight.

At the 2020 Oscars, actor Joaquin Phoenix once called on stars to sacrifice their comfort a little and use airlines’ services when needed for short flights. This will help reduce emissions, and actually the short flight will not cause the star to “suffer” inconveniences (if any) for a long time.

At that time, Joaquin Phoenix said directly: “Stars, please don’t take private jets just to go to nearby destinations, like Palm Springs.”

Currently, Kylie Jenner is said to own a fortune of about 900 million USD, while her boyfriend – rapper Travis Scott has a fortune of about 65 million USD.

Showbiz star Kylie Jenner shares the interior of a child’s room (Video: Daily Mail).

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