Julia Fox – “Queen” of all street style catwalks during fashion weeks

From the first “stop” – New York to the last stop – Paris Fashion Week Spring 2024, Julia Fox has always been a name that the whole fashion industry cares about, discusses and hails as the “queen” of everything. street style catwalk. 

Every time fashion weeks end, the fashion industry not only discusses the list of new trends, but it is also time for us to find out who “dominates” every street catwalk outside every show.

The street style fashion race within the framework of fashion weeks is always a playground for fashionistas to express their own colors, personalities and unique egos without having to comply with any conventions or be afraid. strict and regulated view from society.

This is both a plus and a limitation. Because, how to become the center of attention in a crowd of people who all have unique styles and have 1-0-2 is never an easy “problem”.

Therefore, spontaneous fashion catwalks on every street corner every time fashion weeks launch always require “candidates” to invest in their personal style stories in the most serious and honest way, Not just outfits that follow trending formulas anymore.

If at Fashion Week 2023, talented female artist Doja Cat becomes the winner of the street style race, continuously making the fashion world admire and overwhelm with a series of looks imbued with personal fashion personality, then this season Spring Summer 2024 fashion, that position officially belongs to Julia Fox.



In fact, Julia Fox’s mark on her fashion journey only began after the female star entered into a relationship with Hollywood’s most infamous male rapper, Kanye West.

Ignoring inappropriate statements or complicated scandals, Kanye West can completely uplift anyone in the entertainment industry, especially in the fashion world.

Kim Kardashian and her influence in the fashion industry are a typical example of Ye’s “cool” support.

Julia Fox continues to be a true testament. Becoming a lover or ending her love relationship with Ye, Julia Fox’s appearance with the infamous male rapper has brought her thousands of opportunities that everyone desires in the billion-dollar industry.

During the time she became a sought-after star after participating in the movie Uncut Gems (2019), Julia Fox’s image was often associated with the adjectives “sexy” or “hot”.

During that time, Fox’s red carpet fashion style was still not appreciated, and was even considered inappropriate for her image and age at that time.


Until she and Ye were suspected of being in a relationship and since the two of them “hand in hand” attended famous shows during fashion week, Julia Fox began to become a regular face. appeared on the fashion news headline that the whole fashion industry was interested in.

Completely different from the image of Julia Fox associated with boldly cut dresses that show off her bust, the actress opened a new fashion era for herself – unique, adventurous, bold. more personal and experimental.

From Balenciaga, Yeezy,… to Schiaparelli, the new fashion appearance of Julia Fox and other big fashion houses gradually became an issue that the whole fashion industry dissected, analyzed and received a series of “winged” compliments. .

Not only that, Ye’s love affair has helped Julia Fox successfully make her name as an opening model for LaQuan Smith’s show in New York Fashion Week Fall 2022. front row appearances at prestigious industry shows.


Not long after being famous in the fashion world, after ending her love relationship with Ye, Julia Fox began to be doubted by the whole fashion industry: could the female star be able to preserve, maintain and develop her resources?

The huge fashion resources that Ye left behind? It’s no exaggeration to say that Ye is the one who helped Julia Fox change and shape her new style, but it was the female star herself and her constant efforts that helped her convincingly “win” the fashion industry.

After breaking up with Ye, Fox didn’t waste time being sad or crying, she began to get more serious about changing her personal appearance. Throughout fashion weeks and seasons, Julia Fox continuously makes admirers admire and be curious about the fashion combinations she confidently wears on the street.

These are outfits that break all “unwritten” conventions in the fashion industry; Outfits that do not follow any formula of current trends, but instead become a new trend themselves; the haphazard, incongruous mix-and-match clothes that simply suit Fox’s taste; And it can also be a powerful declaration by the female star for feminism, or gender equality.

People often think that the 30-year-old milestone in a woman’s life is extremely important. 30 year old women are always expected to become mature and mature people. This is also the time for them to say goodbye to the time of freedom and daring to think and do.

However, there are also some people who see the age of 30 as a new page in life – a place that gives them the courage to face new challenges and step out of their comfort zone. And Julia Fox is one of them.


Even though she only appeared for a few minutes on the street, at the launch event of her memoir “Down The Drain” or was surrounded by cameras throughout like at the fashion weeks of the past Spring/Summer 2024 season, Julia Fox Not just an “IT-Girl” wearing the most luxurious designs. Instead, the actress also created iconic moments, golden milestones in the history of fashion, although they are often controversial topics in the fashion industry.

Throughout New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2024 – a familiar “playground” for Julia Fox to express her unique fashion personality, the female star challenged all eyes with a modern version of her wedding dress.

Pair it with an epic chiffon headpiece and massive platform boots from fashion house Marc Jacobs; striking short dress with bold trompe l’oeil motifs; Or Hodakova’s famous recycled outfit set…

Or the moment of “dressing like you’re not wearing it” on the streets of Milan, and the corset printed with a portrait of Princess Diana when she arrived in London.



Using fashion as a “pen” to continue writing her own story, Julia Fox has successfully destroyed the “sexual” image that she was reluctantly assigned by society, and is no longer distracted by the People’s gossip about transformation is considered inappropriate.

“If you’re uncomfortable with me dressing like that, maybe you should ask yourself ‘what is it about me that scares you?’ And maybe instead of just being jealous, you should try stepping out of your comfort zone more like me.” Julia Fox shares.

That’s right, if Fox hadn’t had the courage to break her old image, free her body with new experiments or play with interesting fashion like she is now, the fashion industry would have lost a Queen” of the true street style playground.

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