Julia Fox and her outfits that turned the fashion world upside down

Not only did her transparent outfit shock the Cannes 2023 red carpet, Julia Fox always knows how to attract attention when transforming every clothing material to ‘wear it or not’ outfits.

Currently, Julia Fox is the hottest name because of her performance on the red carpet of the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

The 33-year-old actress made the public gasp when she wore an outfit with the most unique and unusual design when the corset-shaped body of the dress was made of transparent material, revealing the most feminine part of her body.

Outfits that turned the fashion world upside down by Julia Fox

The most shocking red carpet beauty in Cannes 2023 is named Julia Fox

Many viewers commented that Julia Fox surpassed all limits of clothing and the definition of fashion when performing this outfit.

However, that is not all that draws attention to the name Julia Fox. Because shocking is almost the fashion style that this 33-year-old beauty chooses every time she appears.

Since working as a model and photographer, Julia Fox has chosen a unique style like no other. And shocking fashion sense became Julia Fox’s trademark.

Join Tuoi Tre Laughing Online to look back at the 22 most daring outfits Julia Fox ever made that made the public panic.

Before shocking Cannes 2023, Kanye’s ex-girlfriend also made the public gasp when she wore men’s underwear to go out.

Not to mention, she carried a handbag and shoes with feathers in mismatched colors.

Looking at this outfit, many people may have to admit that shocking outfits are Julia Fox’s forte. Because few people dare to choose the see-through fashion on the street.

Not only that, the Uncut Gems actress’ see-through outfit is also made from condoms

In early May, Julia Fox was spotted on the streets of Los Angeles wearing an outfit inspired by images of clowns that did not match her handbag and white shoes with feathers from the fashion brand. to color.

Julia’s shirt design made from men’s ties is also very different

In March 2023, Julia Fox stunned the fashion world when performing an alarming outfit combining leather lingerie, giant feather boots, handbags of the same material and a stylized croptop leather jacket. true style… good quality

Appearing on the red carpet of a film awards event, the actress surprised guests with her “yes or no” dress that revealed all her underwear.

The 3D patterned dress caused a strong illusion when Julia Fox attended the fall-winter fashion week in France

The transparent plastic dress adorned with metal bracelets in a novel way made Julia Fox capture all the attention at the Harper’s Bazaar event in September 2022.

This seemingly “ordinary” outfit gives fans “goosebumps” when they know that Julia Fox combined it with a clutch made from real hair.

Julia Fox posted a photo on her Instagram and introduced an outfit she made herself from just a men’s tank top.

But the most shocking thing is that her bust is not covered at all, but the Uncut Gems beauty still innocently poses on the street.

Một lần nữa, Julia lại khiến người xem phải tròn mắt khi chế chiếc quần jean thành một bộ đồ khi lấy phần lưng quần làm áo.

Thậm chí ngay cả đôi bốt và chiếc túi xách cũng được chế lại từ một chiếc quần jean khác

Once again, Julia chose a bold style that no one dared to follow when wearing a dress with slit shoulders revealing her underwear and a very generous cut across her hips.

Julia Fox wore a “catwoman” style outfit when attending the Batman movie premiere event in New York, USA

She really invests a lot when walking on the street, but she wears sophisticated and luxurious outfits

The outfit with asymmetrical cut out details was added by Julia Fox with a very bold accessory when attending a fashion show in Italy.

She really stood out with her black and red leather outfit combined with a cape of the same material as she strode on the streets of Milan

Just going to dinner, Julia Fox has to make a huge investment, no different from a fashion show

The image of Julia Fox and Kanye holding hands while attending a fashion show made people laugh because looking at the couple was like attending a Halloween costume festival.

It seems that Julia is very fond of outfits made from jeans. However, this outfit attracts attention when the chest is designed in a pyramid shape when appearing as the “muse” of the famous fashion house.

Julia Fox in Jean-Paul Gaultie’s iconic outfit when attending the show in Paris was surprisingly beautiful and fashionable.

During the premiere of the movie Uncut Gems in which she plays the main role, this 33-year-old beauty was extremely enthusiastic when ordering a skirt completely embellished with gems, creating a see-through outfit that made everyone turn their heads. me.

In 2015, Julia Fox made fans remember her name when she appeared in a crop top style dress combined with a leather belt accessory that was likened to “dangling” in the second round, extremely confusing.

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