How did Kylie Jenner change her style after dating Timothée Chalamet?

Since announcing her love story with actor Timothee Chalamet, beauty billionaire Kylie Jenner has dressed a lot more discreetly, femininely and elegantly. 

Finally, after many vague and exciting speculations on social networking forums, beautiful businesswoman Kylie Jenner and the “muse” of Hollywood also officially announced their relationship through public gestures of love at the… general events.

However, this news still seems to be a big shock to fans because at a glance it would be difficult to see anything in common between these two famous stars.

If Timothee Chalamet represents the classic, luxurious and somewhat rigid beauty of French style, Kylie is a symbol of bold, unconventional charm.

The two seem to be separate in two different worlds and when reunited as one, you will witness extremely interesting chemical reactions.

A typical example is the unexpected change in the fashion style of businesswoman Kylie Jenner.

If you are a keen fashionista, you will definitely notice that Kylie is dressing a lot more elegantly and “poetically” these days than before.

From a girl who loved bold and seductive designs, the female billionaire now favors romantic puff-sleeved floral dresses with country style, in addition to a special preference for black colors. – white.

And of course fans feel extremely excited with the 360-degree change thanks to the sweet “love effect” with Timothée.

Prefer the white color of elegance

Kylie Jenner appeared in an extremely elegant white dress at a luxury French resort. It is known that this is a design from the Alaïa brand, with a simple collar combined with a “ton sur ton” bag and sandals creating a very elegant overall look. Photo: @kyliejenner

Another neat, chic look from Kylie’s time in France with a unique long-sleeved crop top and A-line mini skirt. The streamlined design without any frills and details further highlights the attractive natural beauty of the female billionaire. Photo: @kyliejenner

White mini dress with minimalist tube top design and hood from Ferragamo. She paired it with a mini bag with a unique and outstanding metal ring handle. Photo: @kyliejenner

Seductive in a more discreet way

The beauty prioritizes choosing discreet and “friendly” outfits with white, black and neutral tones, reminiscent of the “quiet luxury” fashion style that has been popular in recent times.

Besides, she is also very meticulous in choosing designs with special designs to show off her sexy and seductive body.

The black midi dress with a plunging neckline and seductive waist from Bottega Veneta is a prime example.

In addition to the attractive upper body, the dress is quite discreet on the lower body when it falls softly and covers the legs. Photo: @kyliejenner

Previously, while attending Acne Studios’ Spring Summer 2024 fashion week, Kylie Jenner also appeared impressively in a somewhat discreet bright red maxi dress, adorned with a French-style ruffled bangs. Photo: @kyliejenner

At another show, Timothée Chalamet’s girlfriend dressed minimally in a long-sleeved black short dress by Prada. The look is further accentuated by unique layered crystal chains on the skirt, paired with pointy high heels. Photo: @kyliejenner

It can be seen that Kylie Jenner tends to choose designs with quite classic designs, focusing on a single highlight. Typically, the dress launched in the 90s by Prada, the special detail is the delicately attached flower petals. Photo: @kyliejenner

More romantic and… poetic



accessories wallet

Photo: @kyliejenner

Do you believe that the poetic images above were taken from Kylie Jenner’s Instagram?

Kylie’s freckles on her cheeks, naturally curly hair, and natural scenery in a small town are often posted on her personal page.

Perhaps the beautiful female billionaire has become more flexible to match Timothee Chalamet’s liberal and comfortable style.

Who would have thought that Kylie – the girl of sexy boldness – would have such innocent and gentle charm!

Instead of luxury trips on luxury yachts, Kylie chose to relax in a peaceful suburb. She wore a ladylike floral dress with puffed sleeves and light makeup, facing the hills to enjoy the natural sunlight. Photo: @kyliejenner

No need to be too flashy, just simply a white T-shirt and jeans but Kylie still stands out. Photo: @kyliejenner

Even the youngest Jenner sister has started new hobbies like film photography.

The photos are hazy with attractive eyes, a touch of purity and clarity – completely different from the usual sharp intensity.

Indeed, love has “enchanted” Kylie Jenner to become much more adorable and closer in the eyes of fans!

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