Gucci enters a new era with Billie Eilish and the Horsebit 1955 Demetra bag

Looking to the future, the female singer represents the voice of Gen Z combined with Gucci’s new iconic bag.

Entering the last quarter of 2023, Gucci made fashionistas “hold their breath” with many unexpected moves, starting with the appointment of Sabato De Sarno to the position of Creative Director and the launch of the Gucci Ancora collection in September. recently.

And in another activity, the brand revealed the return of the classic 1955 Horsebit bag, collaborating with Billie Eilish’s bold fashion and music colors.

This “rebirth” not only describes the beauty of the asymmetrical structure, but also introduces Demetra – a material famous for its quality, softness, durability and no harm to animals.

This is also the first time Gucci has produced a bag entirely from Demetra, affirming the brand’s stance on ethical fashion.

Demetra is made from 75% raw materials of plant origin, and is the result of two years of intensive research and development by Gucci’s skilled technicians and artisans.

Made in Italy in 2021 in the Gucci factory, this material reflects the brand’s commitment to innovation and sustainable practices.

The collaboration with Billie Eilish is highlighted by a campaign featuring images and videos that capture Billie’s authentic voice and artistic essence.

Set to the moody song “What Was I Made For?”, the videos interweave cinematic moments, giving viewers a glimpse into Billie’s life.

The bag is not only a symbol of progressive fashion, but also emphasizes Gucci’s dedication to circularity and sustainable fashion.

In addition, Gucci also donated to Support+Feed, a non-profit organization founded by Maggie Baird in 2020, focused on fighting the climate crisis and food insecurity by promoting food consumption. pure plant.

The Gucci Horsebit 1955 Demetra bag is a testament to the combination of art and responsibility in fashion, marking an important step towards a more sustainable and humane future in the fashion industry.












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