Ed Sheeran claims he “couldn’t see” after getting so high with Snoop Dogg.

ED Sheeran got so high on a night out with Snoop Dogg that he lost his sight — all in front of his mother-in-law.

The Eyes Closed singer, 32, took his wife Cherry and her mum Ann backstage following the cannabis-loving rapper’s show in Australia, in March, when he accidentally overdid it.

Ed Sheeran says he got so high with Snoop Dogg that he ‘couldn’t see’ in front of his mother-in-law Credit: INSTAGRAM/ED SHEERAN

He recalled: “I remember him meeting my mother-in-law and being like, ‘What’s up, queen?’

“I’ve sort of got quite close friends with Russell Crowe over the years and he is really close with Snoop Dogg.

“I don’t really smoke at all but I was in the dressing room and they were just like blunt for blunt for blunt for blunt. I was like, I guess at some point during the night, I have to, just to say I smoked with Snoop Dogg.”

But admitting it went awry, he told the Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend podcast: “He was like, ‘Do you want some?’ so I have a bit and I was like, I don’t feel too bad, this is good.

“Then I have a bit more, and then I have a bit more, and then I have a bit more.

“I just remember looking at him and being like, I can’t see right now.”

Ed released his seventh album Autumn Variations on Friday and it is on course for No1, currently doubling the sales of its nearest competition.

Tonight he dropped videos to each of the tracks, recorded at the homes of fans around the world.

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