WATCH: 6′3″ Angel Reese’s Honest Take on Boyfriend Choices, “Short Kings, I’m Sorry”

The Bayou Barbie is quite assertive about her life choices. She lately showcased her new look highlighting the dramatic change from her previous long hair. And then in a candid chat she likened her new hairdo with her dating choices.

Angel Reese has become a hot topic of conversation lately, following her absence from NCAA play.

The buzz started when she was benched during LSU’s game against Kent State on November 14, which raised eyebrows considering her importance to the team.

In the subsequent four games, she didn’t make a single appearance, leading to speculation about her lack of participation. However, the NCAA basketball standout recently made her return to the court after a long break. And now, fans on social media are buzzing about her new hairdo.

Angel Reese is not interested in short men

The buzz started when the basketball barbie dropped two consecutive pictures on Instagram. And then in a subsequent interview, Reese was asked if she would consider dating a man who was shorter in stature compared to her. She replied that short men treat tall women in a better way, but she still apologizes for not choosing them: “Short Kings, I’m sorry.”

The reason behind Angel Reese’s rejection was due to the immense importance she attaches to her choices. Apart from a court sensation, the LSU star is a swimsuit model and a youth icon known for her swagger and statements. Her latest talk has already triggered a new town buzz.

Reese’s admirers showered the comments section with compliments on the game-changing new look apart from offering their take on her statement.

Ange Reese is back on track
The LSU Tigers, led by their star player Angel Reese, are all set to take on the Northwestern State Demons. Reese, who is 21 years old, recently made her comeback after a four-game break and has already helped the team secure three consecutive victories.

With Reese back on the court, the Lady Tigers are looking to extend their winning streak to 10 games. Reese expressed her confidence on X before the game against the Demons, stating that the Tigers’ winning streak would continue.

Fans are eagerly anticipating another dominant performance from Reese, who has been unstoppable since her return.

DIZZY: Angel Reese Net Worth 2024: How Wealthy Is the College Basketball Star?

Angel ReeseAngel Reese (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
College Basketball star Angel Reese has made a name for herself with her multiple accomplishments at the college level. She is already a national champion at a young age and has gained massive popularity among the youth.

Fans were starting to get curious about the net worth of the LSU star and this article has got you covered. We will discuss the net worth of the LSU Tigers star Angel Reese and tell you anything you need to know about it.

Angel Reese Net Worth in 2024

Angel Reese got quite famous in a short time span thanks to her great balling opportunities and her incredible team. She is a three time All-American and SEC Player of the Year which bolstered her fame even more. As she is still a college basketball player her net worth is based on her NIL deals which is impacted by her image, achievements, and various other things.

According to On3Elite, the net worth of Angel Reese is $1.8 million. She among the few young athletes in the world that have crossed the million dollar mark at such a young age. Angel also has a huge following on social media platforms. She has around 2.7 million followers on Instagram and 2.2 million followers on TikTok making her a popular social media influencer as well.

Will Angel declare for the WNBA Draft 2024?

The LSU Tigers were matched up against the Iowa Hawkeyes in the 2024 NCAA Women’s tournament and they failed to secure the win. Caitlin Clark emerged as the hero for the Hawekeyes dropping 41 points and seizing the victory for her team with a final score of 94-87.

With this loss the fans started to speculate whether Resse would declare for the NBA draft or decide to stay at LSU for another year. The LSU star herself has answered these question in a post-game conference. “I’ll make a decision when I’m ready,” said Angel to the reporters present at the conference. She hinted that she may be not fully sure of going pro yet and would reconsider her options before making a firm decision.

What do you think of Angel Reese’s net worth? Do you think Resse would declare herself for the WNBA Draft? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and let us know.


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