Taylor Swift Showcases Her Love for Travis Kelce: ‘I’ve Never Felt Proυder iп My Life

New footage shows Taylor Swift telling Travis Kelce she’s ‘never been so proud in my life’ after watching him win the Super Bowl last week.

The popstar flew across the globe from Tokyo to Las Vegas to cheer on Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs as they beat the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 in an overtime thriller.

Swift, who had watched the game in Kelce’s $1million suite with both of their families, made her way down to the field to celebrate with her boyfriend after he got his hands on the Vince Lombardi trophy.

Kelce was mic’d up throughout the game and new footage of the couple celebrating has come to light.

In a clip circulating on social media, believed to be from Inside the NFL, the pair embrace before Swift tells Kelce: ‘I’ve never been so proud in my life. I can’t believe you. How did you do that?’


Taylor Swift told Travis Kelce she's 'never been so proud in my life' after his Super Bowl victory


Kelce asked how his girlfriend wasn't suffering from jet lag after her mad dash from Japan

Swift told Kelce 'jet lag is a choice' as they then partied until around 5:30am in Las Vegas

She even called him ‘magical at one point. Kelce then asks his girlfriend: ‘How do you not have jet lag right now?’

Swift responds: ‘Jet lag is a choice’. She then walks off as Kelce goes off into the crowd to celebrate elsewhere.

It was a happy ending for Kelce though as the Chiefs won an overtime thriller 25-22 in Vegas

Taylor flew almost 5,500 miles to be in Vegas for the Super Bowl last weekend, after wrapping up the latest leg of her Eras Tour in Tokyo on the Friday.

She then flew to Los Angeles on the Saturday, heading to her California property and spending the night there before making the final journey to Vegas on the day of the Super Bowl.

Taylor Swift takes big step to protect relatioпship with Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift finds a way to ‘safeguard her relationship’ with Travis Kelce


Taylor Swift Already Part Of Kelce Family: Jason, Travis Kelce Admits | Music Times


Taylor Swift seemingly wants to seek couple therapy with her beau Travis Kelce to save their highly publicised romance.

The lovebirds, who have been romantically linked with each other since September 2023, reportedly find it difficult to handle the pressure put on their relationship by fans and media.

According to Heat Magazine, an insider claimed that Swift and Kelce “are both overwhelmed” with the attention.

The source added that this increasing pressure left the Lover singer stressing about her future with the NFL athlete.

The report shared that Swift doesn’t want her romance with Kelce to “crash and burn” like her previous relationships.

An insider said, Swift “is thinking that couples’ therapy could be a good idea. That way, they can get expert help to protect their relationship against future problems.”

The source clarified that there are no “huge issues” in the couple’s whirlwind romance but still Swift and Kelce want to “safeguard their relationship before problems start.”

As per the report, the Kansas City Chiefs player is “more than willing to talk about his feelings, and he sees the value in having a professional help them.”


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