Swifties praise Taylor Swift for ‘plaппiпg’ Eras toυr aroυпd her lead gυitarist’s expectaпt baby so he coυld speпd time with his пew arrival

Taylor Swift’s lead guitarist has welcomed a new Swiftie into his family.

Paul Sidoti took to social media to announce that he and wife Ashley welcomed a son, Samuel Paul, on March 12.

Paul has been the lead guitarist and background vocalist for the Grammy winning artist since December 2007.


He recently posted an adorable photo of the newborn to his Instagram, writing: ‘This morning, we welcomed our little miracle Sammy Sidoti into the world. Our prayers were answered and mommy and baby are doing great. Big sister Scarlett is over the moon having a baby brother. All my love to @ashsidoti.’

Fans were quick to share their congratulations and even praised Swift for ‘planning’ the Eras tour around the expectant baby.


Taylor Swift's lead guitarist has revealed that he has welcomed a new Swiftie into his family 

‘I love that she planned the tour around the due date preemptively,’ one fan wrote.

‘[The baby] waited until the Eras tour took a 2 month break!!!!’

‘Oh my gosh, Paul – I’m so happy for you!! Good thing your new buddy waited til you got home from Asia! Congrats all around… way to go, Mrs. Sidoti/Mama Queen! another user commented.

Paul Sidoti took to social media to announce that he and wife Ashley welcomed a son, Samuel Paul, last Tuesday

Swift and her team are currently enjoying a break for two months ahead of a lengthy run of European dates.

They will return to the stage May 9 in Paris.

It comes after the Grammy Award winner, 34, premiered her documentary Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour in October.

The documentary has quickly become the No. 1 music film on Disney+.

Paul has been the lead guitarist and vocalist for the Grammy winning artist since December 2007

According to Deadline, the 3.5-hour concert film has amassed 4.6 million views since it began streaming last Thursday.

Swift kicked off The Eras Tour on March 17, 2023 in Glendale, California, with 152 shows planned across five continents through the end of 2024.

Serving as a retrospective of her career, the 10-act show features 44 songs from her vast discography.

The Disney+ version of the concert film features performances of some of Swift’s newer songs.

Travis Kelce’s Lavish Speпdiпg oп Taylor Swift Exceeds £6.2m iп Less Thaп a Year, Revealiпg Trυe Cost of Romaпce

Travis Kelce has spent a whopping £6.2million on dating music megastar Taylor Swift since the two first started their romance – with the NFL football star head over heels for the singer




Travis Kelce has reportedly spent a staggering £6.2million since he began dating pop sensation Taylor Swift, showing just how smitten he is with her.

The couple, both aged 34, made their relationship public last September when Swift was spotted at Arrowhead Stadium cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs in their victory over the Chicago Bears. Since then, Swift has become a regular fixture at Kansas City games, even attending all of the Chiefs’ playoff matches – including their victories against the Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, and the San Francisco 49ers at Super Bowl LVIII.

However, maintaining a relationship with one of the world’s most famous singers comes with its challenges. To cope with the intense media scrutiny, Kelce purchased a £4.7million mansion in a quiet suburb of Kansas City for some much-needed privacy. The sprawling 17,000-square-foot property is a significant upgrade from his previous home, which was valued at £782,000.

In addition to this, Kelce has also splashed out on numerous private jet trips to accompany Swift on her tours in Australia and Singapore, costing an estimated £448,000 – according to the Daily Caller.

The couple were recently seen at the exclusive Bird Streets Club in West Hollywood, where membership fees are a hefty $10,000 per year. But it seems that money is no object for Kelce when it comes to treating Swift – he even spent $1m on a Super Bowl suite so that Swift and her family could enjoy the game in style.

Travis Kelce has spent over £6.2m on his relationship with Taylor Swift in less than a year, even though he earns £11m a season with his team in Kansas City. It’s likely that Taylor Swift, who has a fortune of £864m, has also spent a lot on Travis.

For now, the two are having a great time together before Taylor goes back to singing in Paris in May. No one knows if Travis will go with her to Europe, but he often travels far to be with her, so he might.

Taylor will have a break until June and then she’ll go back to Europe to perform in places like the UK, Poland, and Austria. Travis liked Singapore a lot, which makes him want to travel more with Taylor, who wants them to not be apart for more than two weeks.

Travis, who has won the Super Bowl three times, talked about this on his popular podcast “New Heights” with his brother Jason Kelce. He said, “I got to see two amazing shows of the Eras tour,” and added that he enjoyed the food and views in Singapore while waiting for Taylor to start performing again soon.

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