LSU women’s basketball: Angel Reese’s loving message for Last-Tear Poa after scary injury. See details here 👇👇

The injury occurred when Last-Tear Poa was attempting to take a charge and collided with a Ole Miss player.

LSU women’s basketball player Angel Reese and LSU women’s basketball player Last-Tear Poa

LSU women’s basketball guard Last-Tear Poa was taken off on a stretcher after a head injury during the semifinal SEC Tournament game against Ole Miss, where the Tigers came out victorious 75-67. The injury happened when Poa was attempting to take a charge and collided with a Rebels player, leading to a fall that caused her to hit her head on the court.

Amid the anxious moments following the incident, LSU players rallied, showing visible concern for their teammate. Angel Reese posted a heartfelt message on X, formerly Twitter, expressing her love and dedication to Poa.

I LOVE YOU POA! THIS FOR YOU 13!” Reese stated. 

The incident occurred in the fourth quarter with just under six minutes left to play. A defensive play turned worrisome when Poa attempted to take a charge and ended up hitting her head hard against the court. Tigers head coach Kim Mulkey updated concerned fans post-game, stating Poa’s CT scans were clear, and she had movement in her extremities — a positive sign after a tense moment on the court.

“That was the hardest last five minutes of a game I’ve ever played, emotionally, physically, mentally,” Angel Reese said, per Jack Maloney of CBS Sports.

Last-Tear Poa’s injury sparks call for rule change

LSU Lady Tigers guard Last-Tear Poa (13) is helped off the court after an injury during the second half against the Ole Miss Rebels © Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
The incident that led to Poa’s injury has brought attention to the safety of players in block-charge situations, with Ole Miss head coach Yolett McPhee-McCuin calling for a rule change to prevent such occurrences in the future.

“It was unfortunate to see Last-Tear go down. There needs to be a rule and then people won’t slide under people. I’ve seen it happen twice. If we’re trying to protect players, then why don’t we make a rule,” McPhee-McCuin said, “because that was dangerous. She was trying to make a play, because right now the rule says no matter where you are on the floor, attempt to get up under someone and take a charge. And then she had to go out on a stretcher. So something has to be done with that rule. It’s simple. If we’re trying to protect players, let’s protect players. That’s not the officials’ fault, it’s the rule that’s wrong.”

Poa, a significant defensive player for the Tigers, has been a key after transferring from Northwest Florida State College. She made the move to LSU in 2022 and played a part in their national championship victory last season. Best recognized for her defensive skills, she has been in the starting lineup for 10 out of 32 games this season. On average, she scores five points, grabs 1.6 rebounds, distributes 3.1 assists and achieves 1.2 steals over 20.7 minutes per game.

As LSU looks ahead to their first SEC Tournament championship game since 2012 against an undefeated South Carolina. The last time the Tigers and Gamecocks played each other in January, South Carolina rallied from behind to win 76-70.


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