Katie Price ‘Buys New Horse for Daughter Bunny’ After Being Declared Bankrupt Again, the Truth Has Been Revealed. Here’s What Happens 👇👇

Katie Price is said to have gifted her daughter a new horse despite being declared bankrupt for a second time.

The former glamour model, 45, splashed out on a horse for Bunny as she encourages her daughter to ride, according to reports. Katie is known for her love of horses, having ridden since the age of seven. She stunned fans after competing in the likes of the Horse of The Year competition showcasing her and her beloved horses’ dressage skills.

It appears nine-year-old Bunny also has a love for the animal as the mum-of-five is believed to have treated her to her own horse. “Neighbours saw the horse being delivered and how excited Bunny was,” a source said. “Kate loves having a riding buddy in Bunny and knows how much she loves horses like she does.”

“She doesn’t see it as another animal to look after but just how happy it makes Bunny,” they told The Sun. Katie also treated her eldest daughter Princess, 16, to her own horse for her 7th birthday. The purchase comes just a month after the star was declared bankrupt for a second time over an unpaid tax bill worth more than £750,000.

Katie was previously declared bankrupt in 2019 and owes £761,994.05 to HM Revenue and Customs. At a short hearing at London’s Rolls Building, Insolvency and Companies Court Judge Sebastian Prentis said Katie had not responded to HMRC over the debt and declared her bankrupt.

Katie Price and Bunny
Katie is said to have treated Bunny to her own horse 
Instagram/ @katieprice)

Katie Price
The mum-of-five is known for her love of horses 
Instagram/ @katieprice)
Following the news of her bankruptcy, Katie defiantly stated “no one can take her home” off her. While on stage talking to fans, she said: “You’ve followed my life, my journey, I say it as it is. Yes, I’m in a bankruptcy. But guess what? I own my house. No one could take it off me as well.” In a video shared withThe Sun, she continued: “I had a breakdown. And I don’t know if any of you have had a breakdown or been depressed or anything. And you didn’t communicate with things… and then you don’t answer letters.

“Then it gets in the red. This, that and the other, then you’re like, I can’t cope, I can’t cope and you hide away. That’s basically what happened to me.” It comes after a bankruptcy expert claimed it would “take exceptional circumstances” for her to keep her £2million Mucky Mansion.

Her earnings which she has made over the past five years – since she was last declared bankrupt in 2019 – will also likely be stripped from the star. Sharing their opinion earlier this month, the bankruptcy expert told Mail Online that Katie could risk losing everything she owns.

Katie discovered that she was once again declared bankrupt while she was live on air during a podcast. Speaking on Straight to the Comments podcast, Katie said: “I know I had court, last week or the week before, but because of what’s going on in my life, I’ve actually been signed off. I’m dealing with serious stuff. You know, there’s all different kinds of bankruptcies – I think they just use the word bankruptcy. But nobody knows the ins and outs of everything – and trust me, I don’t get away with stuff either, like you can’t. Tax you can’t ever run away from, you have to pay. Don’t think I sit here and don’t pay stuff, because I do.”

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