Justɪn Reid On Taylor Sᴡift: ”I have met Taylor, She’s very sweet! She founᴅ ᴀ way tᴏ compliment ᴇveryonᴇ that she tᴀlked tᴏ. I ᴅon’t understand why she’s getting all ᴛhe hᴀte. She’s an awesome person awᴇsome artist”

Houston Texans safety Justin Reid recently shared his positive impressions of global pop sensation Taylor Swift, dispelling any negative sentiments surrounding the artist.


Justin Reid On ᴛaylor Swift:”I haᴠe met Taylᴏr. She's very sweet! She found a way tᴏ compliment everyone that she talked to. I don't understanᴅ why she's getting all the hate. She's an awesome persᴏn awesᴏme artist"

Reid expressed admiration for Swift’s character, describing her as “very sweet” and highlighting her ability to uplift those around her with genuine compliments.

Reid’s remarks come amidst ongoing scrutiny and criticism directed at Swift, prompting him to defend her reputation as both a person and an artist.

In his endorsement of Swift, Reid emphasized her kindness and talent, asserting that the negativity directed towards her is unwarranted.

With his firsthand experience of meeting Swift, Reid’s glowing praise adds to a chorus of support from fans and fellow celebrities who recognize Swift’s positive impact both on and off the stage.

As Swift continues to navigate the complexities of fame and public perception, Reid’s endorsement serves as a reminder of the importance of recognizing and celebrating the genuine kindness and talent of individuals like Taylor Swift.

Trᴀvis Kelce Hints at His True Fᴇelings Toᴡards Taylor Swift in Revealiɴg Comment

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On Wednesday, November 22, Travis Kelce set Swiftie hearts aflutter when he seemingly admitted to some special feelings for new girlfriend Taylor Swift on his New Heights podcast with his brother, Jason Kelce. During their chat, Kelce discussed his recent WSJ. Magazine cover storyHe thinks they did a good job at showcasing what he “loves.”

“They did an awesome job with the article,” he stated. “I thought it was cool how they showcased just my love for not only Kansas City but my love for the people that I have around me. It was awesome.”

And who is around Kelce? In the last few months it’s been Taylor Swift, and her name came up quite a bit in his interview. But he did not mention her specifically in the podcast, though he did seem to allude to her again during another part of the brotherly chat.

With the release of the podcast coming just before Thanksgiving, the guys discussed their holiday plans. Kelce said he doesn’t have any, explaining, “I’ll be feasting on KFC because I won’t have anybody here.”

It was previously reported that Swift intended to fly home in between tour dates from Brazil, but her plans changed after the death of a fan on Friday, November 17. Dangerous heatwaves caused 23-year-old Ana Benevides Machado to collapse at the stadium where Swift was performing, a situation which “devastated” the Eras Tour singer according to her statement on Instagram Stories.

“I can’t believe I’m writing these words but it is with a shattered heart that I say we lost a fan earlier tonight before my show,” Swift wrote. “I can’t even tell you how devastated I am by this. There’s very little information I have other than the fact that she was so incredibly beautiful and far too young.”

The Saturday concert was postponed as the heat continued, which shortened her free time between her shows. She decided to stay in Brazil for the long weekend.

Jason invited his brother to make a “quick trip” to join him in Philadelphia, but the tight end deferred. He added that he enjoyed a “friendsgiving” with his teammates last weekend and it was “awesome.”

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