I υsed to say I wish they met earlier. Theп I realized that they coυldп’t have met at a better time iп their lives thaп wheп they did, aпd look at where they are пow. It’s like the υпiverse threw them the worst cυrveballs to set them υp for the best iп the eпd. Yeah, that eпd. 🤍

Travis Kelce has been doing a buncha press ahead of the Super Bowl, and he seems to be fielding as many (if not more) questions about Taylor Swift than…the literal game of football. But Travis has had a pretty good attitude re: all the inquiries about his relationship and had this to say when asked by the Los Angeles Times why he thinks “everyone is so fascinated with you two.”




“I think the values that we stand for and just, you know, who we are as people,” Travis replied without missing a beat. “We love to shine light on others, shine light around the people that help and support us. And on top of that, I feel like we both have just a love for life.”

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Meanwhile, an Entertainment Tonight insider recently said that “Travis has never felt more supported by a significant other ever. This is just the beginning for them as a couple and many milestones are coming their way. Taylor and Travis make time for each other because they want to. They both take so much pride in the importance of family and love bringing their families and close-knit circles together. They are genuine, honest, loving, and forthright with each other across the board. They both continually encourage one another to be the best that they can be.”

“Travis is in love with Taylor and he’s never been happier,” another source told the outlet. “Taylor’s feelings are mutual and she is so happy and feels comfortable with Travis. She loves that she can be open with their relationship, live her life, and enjoy this special time together.”

Love these two!

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