The Game Reacts to Slєєping with Diddy at his Party after Arrest Made in 2Pac Case: “Party with puff ” we all know how that go

The Game Reacts to Slєєping with Diddy at his Party after Arrest Made in 2Pac Case: These rappers that let Puffy clap their cheeks got nerves to represent themselves as gangster?

“Yeah, I spent some time hanging out with Puff. We were into the whole party scene, just having a good time. Puff and I partied a lot, maybe hit the studio once or twice, but I didn’t really get to record anything. It was more about the fun than the work.

2Pac's Stepbrother Said Diddy Told Him He Didn't Kill 2Pac

Puff was interested in signing me at one point. We were moving around a lot, hitting up his restaurant Justins in Atlanta, attending parties, and enjoying the lifestyle. When I mentioned to Puff that Dre was interested in signing me, he was supportive. Puff said, ‘Go ahead, Playboy, that’s where you belong anyway.’ Contractually, I didn’t have any commitments with Diddy, so it was easy to make the move when things slowed down.”

The Game: Diddy Didn’t K!ll Tupac! [VIDEO]

The Game wants folk to stop fueling vintage rumors that Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs had anything to do with the murder of the late Tupac Shakur. During a recent interview on The Crus Show, The Game, who is close friends with Diddy says,

Diddy, didn’t kill ‘Pac.

He adds,

If you really from LA and you was alive during that era, and you’re not stupid then you know how Tupac got killed and who killed him. And that dude that killed Tupac is no longer living either … so let’s disband all those garbage rumors.

09/04/1995 - Tupac Shakur - 1996 MTV Video Music Awards - Radio City Music Hall - Keywords: 13th, MTV, VMA, Tupac, Shakur, 2pac, - Photo Credit: Arlene Richie / Photorazzi - Contact (1-866-551-7827)

Tupac Shakur at the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards

During the interview, he also discusses his documentary series, Streets of Compton, his new track with Jeremih called “All Eyez,” and his reaction to Tupac’s movie, All Eyez On Me. See the full interview below.

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