Cargo of $2M in celeb-branded underwear by Snoop Dogg & more vanishes as cops hunt for missing goods

A CARGO worth $2million in celebrity-branded underwear has vanished and police are on the hunt for the missing goods.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department exclusively told The U.S. Sun that a shipment of Ethika merchandise – which touts major celeb brand partners like Machine Gun Kelly and Snoop Dogg – went missing after a trucking company picked it up.

Ethika had a shipment of $2M worth of their underwear missing- celebs like Machine Gun Kelly endorsed it Credit: Alamy

Snoop Dogg is another major celebrity brand partner with Ethika Credit: Getty

The cargo of men, women and children’s underwear went missing ahead of Black Friday sales Credit: Ethika

According to the complaint filed on November 22, “the product and the mover went missing.”

The report stated that the estimated shipment was worth approximately $100,000.

Still, a source familiar with the case claimed that the missing merchandise is “estimated to be around $377,000,” and the lower amount may be re-cooped through insurance.

The source added that the items have a resale value of over $2million, and the massive truckload of the product was being shipped to Las Vegas for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

“The container was picked up from Ethika headquarters in Lake Forest on Thursday, November 17.  It was supposed to arrive in Vegas Friday, November 18.

“When the company wasn’t able to get a hold of the driver and the container never showed up, they filed a report.

“Inside the container was 83,000 units of men, women, and kids’ underwear.  It also had the company’s new collaboration with LA Clippers star John Wall and Puerto Rican rapper Anuel AA.”

Other big-name brand partners include Ryan Sheckler, Rick Ross, Odell Beckham Jr, 2 Chainz, and French Montana.

Oklahoma City Thunder NBA star Chet Holmgren signed a lucrative deal with the brand over the summer after being criticized for his slim frame.

According to the New York Post, Holmgren is a 7-foot, 195-pound athlete and was the subject of criticism during the draft.

Ethika exec Darius Burton said: “I’ve known Chet for a little over a year now.

“We met in person at a basketball camp out in Memphis after texting back and forth for a while.

“I thought to myself it’s only fitting for the leading lifestyle underwear brand to partner with one of the best rookies walking into the NBA,” the Ethika exec said in a statement.

“Ethika’s success in the marketplace lies in our ability to deliver Quality Products, offer a Premium Brand Experience, and Authentically Connect to a broad group of consumers,” the company’s mission statement reads.

“Since the inception of the brand, Ethika and its team have been determined to live life, innovate, and work hard, while staying true to our biggest asset – our FAMILIE.

“The Ethika employees, friends, athletes, artists, and customers are the core of the brand and the reason we exist.”

One of Snoop Dogg’s previous collabs with the brand Credit: Ethika

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