Camila Cabello responded to Austin Mahone’s harsh criticism about her relationship with her lover

So much shade! Hours after it was revealed that Austin Mahone called his new relationship with Becky G the only ‘real’ one he’s ever had, his ex, Camila Cabello, strongly reacted on Twitter.

See what she said! Austin Mahone, 19, seemed to diss his ex, Camila Cabello, 18, when he revealed in a new interview that he’s dating Becky G, 18, and it’s “pretty crazy” because he’s never been in “a real relationship before.” Um, what?

The Fifth Harmony singer was just as shocked as we were to read Austin’s statement, which is why she lashed out on Twitter.



Camila Cabello On Austin Mahone Diss: She Tweets About ‘Real’ Becky G Relationship

Read Camila’s heated tweet below:

Shame on Austin. He and Camila dated for a few weeks last fall, so it’s pretty insensitive of him to say his new relationship is the only “real” one he’s ever been in.

Austin Mahone & Becky G: She Says He’s The ‘Best Kisser Ever’

“[Becky G and I are] dating. I’ve never had, like, a real relationship before so it’s pretty crazy,” Austin admitted to MTV.

Austin probably didn’t mean to be hurtful, but we do feel bad for Camila.

Becky G & Austin Mahone Relationship Confirmed

“It’s great being in a relationship with someone that does the same thing you do,” Austin added. “We understand each other, we understand what we do.”

Austin also revealed during the interview that he and Becky G are working on an “intimate type” video together. (Sexy!)

While that’s sweet and all, Austin may soon have to answer to the Harmonizers. Quickly after his interview emerged, #CamilaDefenseSquad started trending on Twitter.

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— Chris Rogers

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