“Camila Cabello – Narcissist” has a new lover

Camila Cabello is a famous singer and actress in the American music industry. At the age of 25, she affirmed her talent through many hits such as Ваd Тhіngѕ, Наvаnа, or І Кnоw Whаt Yоu Dіd Lаѕt Ѕummеr… and also drew attention to her views on love.

Recently, the Mexican-born beauty publicly announced her relationship with technology CEO Austin Kevitch after more than a year of breaking up with colleague Shawn Mendes.

The American singer’s new love interest is of interest to many fans.

Determined to become a singer since childhood

Born in Cuba to Mexican parents, Camila Cabello spent her childhood in the city of Cojimar, East Havana.

At the age of 6, Camila immigrated with her mother to Miami, Florida, USA. Because she could not get a visa, her father was only able to reunite with his family 18 months later.

While living in the US, Camila Cabello became an American citizen and began studying here.

Growing up with the melodies of Latin singers like Alejandro Fernandez and Celia Cruz, she soon showed her passion for music and initially shaped her style with songs with vibrant, catchy rhythms.

Camila Cabello’s beautiful beauty

In 2012 – 2013, while in 9th grade, Camila decided to leave school to pursue a singing career (But later still completed her high school diploma).

Pursuing her passion, Camila’s songs gradually achieved success. The female singer was once a member of Fifth Harmony, a music group that gathered outstanding contestants of the show X Factor Music Talent Search season 2, 2012.

Although the group achieved great success, owning hits with billions of views on Youtube such as Work from home, Worth it…, Camila announced that she was leaving Fifth Harmony at the peak of glory, at the end of 2016. Many sources said that the reason was The reason for the decision to leave was because of 4 members

After “going solo”, the female singer’s career skyrocketed with hit songs like Havana or Senorita while Fifth Harmony’s activity somewhat slowed down.

Camila Cabello prefers to entertain herself with books rather than movies. And the beauty once shared that if she didn’t pursue a singing career, she would study medicine and try to become a dentist.

Camila Cabello (standing in the middle) was still active with Fifth Harmony

Perspectives on how to love yourself

When she first started her career, Camila Cabello not only impressed with her beautiful voice but also with her beautiful face and slim figure. By around 2021, the media and a part of the audience began to discuss because the female singer was clearly “out of shape”.

Once, the image of Camila Cabello exercising with her mother was recorded by paparazzi and posted in the media. Many negative and disparaging comments aimed at the appearance of the hit singer Havana appeared, such as “Did she gain weight?”, “Camila Cabello looks so different”, “Or is she pregnant”, “Please, Please wear clothes that suit your body shape”…

Faced with a series of mixed opinions, Camila Cabello responded with a short video posted on social networks titled “I love my body”, and shared: “I was running in the park, thinking about work.” work, while trying to keep your body healthy. I wore a shirt that exposed my belly and I didn’t cover it. I ran and lived like a normal person. I realized the battle with my body is an old story.”

Camila added: “I’m grateful that this body allows me to do what I need to do. We are real women in real life with curves, cellulite, stretch marks and layers of fat. We need to own it.”

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes were still passionate

Former lover Shawn Mendes also gave an interview saying: “She is very strong and confident with her figure. And she empathizes with others. That made me change my perspective.”

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello were once a famous couple in the American music industry.

After knowing each other through famous singer Austin Mahone’s tour in 2014, the duo gradually built a close friendship.

They had their first working collaboration through the song I Know What You Did Last Summer. With a vibrant melody, the song quickly became one of the top songs on the charts and marked Camila Cabello’s first solo break from Fifth Harmony.

By 2017 and 2018, the friendship between Shawn and Camila became closer and closer. Both continuously support and support each other at work and constantly mention each other in interviews. By July 2019 (after Senorita debut), the couple officially admitted their romantic relationship. Unfortunately, they went their separate ways after 2 years of dating, with the “classic” reason of being busy and not having much time for each other.

Camila Cabello on a date with new lover Austin Kevitch

“Love is no longer my priority. When I love, I don’t focus on my career. A new music album is my top goal” – Camila Cabello confided about the reason for ending the relationship.

Now, when she publicly announces her new boyfriend, technology CEO Austin Kevitch, founder of the dating app Lox Club, Camila Cabello’s love story has turned a new page.

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